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Nicolas Roeg, 1928-2018

There's a moment when you get lost in a memory so intense that when you emerge, you aren't sure if you've been spacing out for a second or a minute. That's where Nicolas Roeg's cinema lived.

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#337 September 18, 2018

Matt writes: The 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, which wrapped on September 16th, had so many enticing selections guaranteed to be major contenders this awards season, and was there to cover them all.


Thumbnails 11/17/17

Clare Cooney on "Runner"; Uma Thurman on "The Parisian Woman"; Condoning conduct of Hollywood tyrants; Godfather of Indian gangster films; Misogyny of "Blade Runner 2049."


Thumbnails 10/13/17

Highlights of CIFF 2017; Frances McDormand's Difficult Women; Interview with Sananda Maitreya; Denis Villeneuve on "Blade Runner 2049"; Crimes of Harvey Weinstein.