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Ruben Brandt, Collector

The film is lighthearted but not frivolous, and the animation - a mix of computer-generated and hand-drawn - is so innovative and fun it's always…

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The Wandering Earth

I can't think of another recent computer-graphics-driven blockbuster that left me feeling this giddy because of its creators' consummate attention to detail and infectious can-do…

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Ballad of Narayama

"The Ballad of Narayama" is a Japanese film of great beauty and elegant artifice, telling a story of startling cruelty. What a space it opens…

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Ballad of Narayama Great Movie


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Monsieur Hire Great Movie


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Veronika Voss Great Movie


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Spirit of the Beehive Great Movie


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Mulholland Dr. Great Movie


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The Life of Oharu Great Movie


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Cléo from 5 to 7 Great Movie


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Spirited Away Great Movie


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The Pledge Great Movie


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French Cancan Great Movie


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La Collectionneuse Great Movie


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La Ceremonie Great Movie


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Diary of a Lost Girl Great Movie


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Harakiri Great Movie


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Smiles of a Summer Night Great Movie


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Ivan the Terrible, Parts I & II Great Movie


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The Killing Great Movie


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The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Great Movie


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Contact Great Movie


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Departures Great Movie


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A Man Escaped Great Movie


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Shadow of a Doubt Great Movie


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Nosferatu the Vampyre Great Movie


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The Match Factory Girl Great Movie