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Our Souls at Night (2017)
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Pete's Dragon (2016)
Truth (2015)
A Walk in the Woods (2015)
All Is Lost (2013)
Buck (2011)
The Clearing (2004)
Spy Game (2001)
Quiz Show (1994)
Sneakers (1992)
Legal Eagles (1986)
Out of Africa (1985)
Brubaker (1980)
The Sting (1973)
The Hot Rock (1972)
Downhill Racer (1969)

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Ebert Club

#415 September 14, 2021

Matt writes: Since last month marked the fortieth anniversary of Robert Redford's Sundance Institute, presented a special edition of Thumbnails featuring priceless articles penned by Roger Ebert, including the one he wrote about his first experience at the Institute in July of 1981.

Ebert Club

#392 October 27, 2020

Matt writes: It was the day after the Cubs had won the World Series. With fans cheering and cars honking into the early morning hours, I had gotten no sleep. And yet nothing was going to stop me from interviewing James Redford (son of Robert) about his insightful documentary, “Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope.”