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Thumbnails 9/23/19

Veronica Cartwright on "The Field"; Musso & Frank turns 100, Silent films' universally accessible power; 'Mrs. Maisel' actresses battle restraints on women; In defense of "The Fanatic."

Ebert Club

#362 September 3, 2019

Matt writes: Labor Day weekend has kicked off the official start of awards season, with film festivals in Venice and Telluride currently underway and Toronto following close behind on September 5th. Go to over the next couple weeks for our daily dispatches, beginning with Glenn Kenny's coverage of the Venice Film Festival, including his enticing preview and review of Roman Polanski's latest film, "J'Accuse."

Ebert Club

#345 January 8, 2019

Matt writes: In our first Ebert Club newsletter of 2019, I am joining my publisher Chaz Ebert, editors Brian Tallerico and Matt Zoller Seitz, and fellow assistant editors Nick Allen and Nell Minow in wishing you a Happy New Year!

Ebert Club

#331 June 26, 2018

Matt writes: In celebration of Roger Ebert's 76th birthday on June 18th, Chaz Ebert shared a video of her late husband's extraordinary speech, which he delivered on April 4th, 1994. The speech was broadcast as part of Colorado Public Television's "11th Hour" series, a program dedicated to recording the words of wisdom left by distinguished individuals for future generations.