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#436 July 5, 2022

Matt writes: From Juneteenth 2022 through Sunday, June 26th, presented its second annual installment of Black Writers Week, featuring essential work from our guest editors Danielle Scruggs, Robert Daniels and Sergio Mims, as well as writers Mack Bates, Bijan Bayne, Shawn Edwards, André Hammel, Esq., Odie Henderson, Jewel Ifeguni, Craig D. Lindsey, David Moses, Shelli Nicole, Sherin Nicole, Ife Olatunji, Eric Pierson, Reginald Ponder, Taj Rani, Carla Renata, Peyton Robinson, Niani Scott, Jourdain Searles, Kaiya Shunyata, Aramide Tinubu, Brandon Towns and Brandon David Wilson.

Ebert Club

#413 August 17, 2021

Matt writes: For those moviegoers who feel secure enough to return to movie theaters, there is no picture currently in release that provides a more exuberant "welcome back to the big screen" moment than the very first scene of Leos Carax's latest Cannes prize-winner, "Annette." It's a wildly audacious musical written by the Sparks Brothers that stars Adam Driver in a tour de force performance as a deeply disturbed (and disturbing) comedian in love.