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Women Writers Week 2024: Table of Contents

For over a decade, has been turning over its entire content stream to female writers, and 2024 is our most ambitious year to date. Below, find links to all of our reviews and articles, over three dozen in total:


Accidental Texan” by Katie Rife

American Dreamer” by Carla Renata

Bella” by Nell Minow

Cabrini” by Tomris Laffly

Damsel” by Nell Minow

Glitter & Doom” by Sheila O'Malley

“High & Low - John Galliano” by Niani Scott

Imaginary” by Peyton Robinson

Kung Fu Panda 4” by Christy Lemire

Queens” by Cristina Escobar

Ricky Stanicky” by Monica Castillo

Space: The Longest Goodbye” by Marya E. Gates


Female Filmmakers in Focus: Rose Glass on Love Lies Bleeding by Marya E. Gates

Give a FECK!: Chaz Ebert on Her New Book About Forgiveness, Empathy, Compassion and Kindness by Nell Minow

Brit Marling on A Murder at the End of the World and Finding Her Rhythm as a Writer by Hannah and Cailin Loesch

Stay Vigilant: Directors Camille Hardman and Gary Lane on Still Working 9 to 5 by Nell Minow

Director Maureen Bharoocha on Rita Moreno’s Two Requests Before Signing on for Campy Horror The Prank, Watching the EGOT Winner Break Bad by Hannah and Cailin Loesch

You're Naked Without Us: A Report from the Costume Designers Guild by Jana Monji


Dead Ringers: Rebirthing Body Horror by Beth Accomando

Horror Movies Should Give Up The Final Girl by Ashley Bardhan

Working with Complete Fantasy: On the Legacy of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes by Laura Boyes

Along for the Ride with Sofia Coppola by Nea Ching

How Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Adapts the Un-Adaptable by Lauren Coates

How Poor Things Subverts the “Born Sexy Yesterday” Trope by Olivia Collette

Rage and Feminism in Poor Things and Lisa Frankenstein by Audrey Fox

A (Not So) Brief History of Silent Film Influences on Pop Music by Marya E. Gates

2023: The Year The World Finally Recognized The Brilliance Of Lily Gladstone by Cortland Jacoby

David Lynch’s The Straight Story & Playing Catch-Up by Ally Johnson

Do You Believe in Magic? In America Twenty Years On by Valerie Kalfrin

Vote for Neuro(diversity): On the 20th Anniversary of Napoleon Dynamite by Violet LeVoit

Feeling Seen by Sometimes I Think About Dying by Caroline Madden

Fighting to Be Seen: On Emma Seligman's Bottoms by Danielle Mathias

The Best Legal and Courtroom Dramas by Ashley Merryman

You're Naked Without Us: A Report from the Costume Designers Guild by Jana Monji

She’s Alive! Why Frankenstein Is Back—And Why It’s Being Used to Tell Women’s Stories by Gabrielle Moss

Introduction to Women Writers Week 2024 by Nell Minow

She Knew: The Women of Science Fiction Who Predicted the Future by Sherin Nicole

Has The Needle Moved on the Impact of Women in Cinema for 2023? by Carla Renata

We'll Be Together: A Personal Reflection of Bob Marley: One Love by Niani Scott

Why Closer Still Matters Two Decades After Its Release by Jourdain Searles

Avatar: the Last Airbender and What We Talk About When We Talk About Redemption by Mira Singer

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