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Thumbnails 6/15/15

The case against innocent bystanders; John McTiernan's "Basic"; Cause of addiction has been discovered; Remembering Dusty Rhodes; J.J. Abrams on Dick Smith.


Thumbnails 7/7/14

Paul Apted dies; The neo-liberal rhetoric of trauma; Universe may be a hologram; Skyler Page out of Cartoon Network; Indie filmmakers in conversation.

Ebert Club

#225 July 2, 2014

Sheila writes: Welcome to the "Life Itself" Special Edition of the Ebert Club newsletter! The film, directed by Steve James, opens on July 4 in select cities (and on demand), with more dates and cities to follow. You will find more information about that below, as well as an exclusive for the newsletter: an interview with Ebert Club member Greg Salvatore, who won tickets to the L.A. premiere of "Life Itself" at the Google+ Hangout held on Roger's birthday. He was generous enough to share his thoughts with us and let us experience the L.A. premiere vicariously. There's lots more below. Here is the official trailer for "Life Itself."