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Thumbnails 5/17/17

Chaz Ebert's Cannes Survival Guide; Kidman is Queen of the Croisette; Vanessa Redgrave turns director; Not enough female filmmakers; Dunst and Coppola on Hollywood sexism.


Thumbnails 3/18/14

A public school making a change for the better; Constant surveillance; A crime of love; Analyzing the interiors of The Grand Budapest Hotel; Eviscerations of classic novels.

Far Flungers

Growing up with James Bond

I find it mind-boggling that something as trivial as an action film series could become such a constant presence in my life but that's been the case with the James Bond movies. It's not so much that their span happens to equal mine (to the very week, by the way) as I didn't start following them until I was 9 years old -- but ever since, they've always been around one way or another: from big theatrical openings to re-re-releases in the beat up movie houses of old; from Betamax tapings of network T.V. broadcasts (pausing the machine to edit the commercials), to the great looking discs of today. Every couple of years or so they have made their appearance and I've watched each one dozens of times regardless how good or bad they were, an odd fact for which I've had no reasonable explanation.