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Thumbnails 12/19/14

Hollywood's toxic addiction to franchises; Looking back on "Wolf of Wall Street"; "Avatar" left no pop culture footprint; Elf on the Shelf is dangerous; North Korea is not funny.


Thumbnails 8/29/14

The right kind of 90s nostalgia; Cynthia Rothrock: Expendabelle; Favorite Fincher moments; Ten underrated 2014 performances; Chatting with Whit Stillman.


Thumbnails 4/23/14

Lindsay Lohan's reality show; Portlandia stars on This Is Spinal Tap; Aaron Sorkin apologizes for The Newsroom; CriticWire survey; Hollywood has a major problem.


Thumbnails 12/27/2013

How movie studios still have a hiring problem; 2013's biggest box office bombs; A.O. Scott and Streep's scenery-chewing; emojis and the autism spectrum; this was a wicked sexist year.