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Black Writers Week 2021: Table of Contents

The following table of contents features all articles published during Black Writers Week 2021 (June 14th through June 20th), arranged in the following categories: intros, features, interviews, panels, reviews, republished features, republished interviews and republished reviews. —The Editors


Meet the Writers of Black Writers Week 2021 by The Editors

Welcome to Black Writers Week by Chaz Ebert


The Bond Between Parent and Child in Zack Snyder's Justice League by Kaiya Shunyata

The Burden Hollywood Puts on Black Storytellers (And How to Fix It) by Ciara Wardlow

Considering John Ford's 'Apology Western' Sergeant Rutledge by Sergio Mims

The Diversity in Media Question by Eric Pierson 

Escape Pod: Death, the Universe, and Everything by Sherin Nicole

Family Speaks the Truth: A New Documentary about Sojourner Truth as told by her Descendants by Lateef Calloway

Juneteenth Becomes Our Nation's Second Official Independence Day by Chaz Ebert

A Letter to Roger Ebert from a Former Ebert Fellow by Sue-Ellen Chitunya

Look Away, Look Away by Brandon David Wilson

Mr. Soul! A Case Study in Indie Film Distribution by Melissa Haizlip

The New Black Film Rebellion by JM Mutore 

Profiles in Courage: Five On The Black Hand Side: Erica Ford by The Editors

Profiles in Courage: Jeremy Joyce by The Editors

Profiles in Courage: Julieanna Richardson by The Editors

Profiles in Courage: Kahil El’Zabar by The Editors

Profiles in Courage: Kizzmekia Corbett by The Editors

Ring the Alarm: The State of Black Kid Joy and What’s at Stake by Doreen Spicer-Dannelly 

Scientist Al Chambles Explains Why Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett's Contribution to the Moderna Vaccine Matters in the Black Community by Al Chambles 

Second City's New Executive Producer: The Comedy of Jon Carr by The Editors

The Ultimate Underdog: On the Legacy of Apollo Creed by David Moses

Why I Chose Family Law Over Business Law by Andre Hammel

Why I Keep Making Movies by Brandon Towns

The Women of Wakanda, Forever by Sherin Nicole


A Film Doula: Janicza Bravo on Making Zola by Robert Daniels

Mark Harris Joins The Media Lounge to Discuss White People Money by The Editors

Troy Pryor's Creative Cypher On Way to Being Black Entertainment Giant by Chaz Ebert


June 16: The Tanning of Hollywood: Reimagining Equity and Inclusion As A Pinnacle Measure of Cinematic Excellence: Moderated by Rebecca Ford and featuring Jon Carr, Shawn Edwards, Karen Horne, JaNeika James, JaSheika James and Troy Pryor. 

June 18: Whose Gaze: Roundtable of Black Film Critics At The Movies: Moderated by Chaz Ebert and featuring Sarah-Tai Black, Emmanuel Noisette, Tambay Obenson, Reginald Ponder, Carla Renata, Gil Robertson and Kathia Woods.

June 19: The Evolution Of Afro-Futurism: Black Power, Black Love, Black Superheroes and Magic: Moderated by Dr. Tananarive Due and featuring Steven Barnes, Dr. John Jennings and Ytasha Womack.


"A Crime on the Bayou" by Steven Boone 

"Fatherhood" by Odie Henderson 

"Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard" by Carla Renata

"Les notres"  by Jourdain Searles 

"Luca" by Robert Daniels 

"Nasrin" by Robert Daniels

"Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer" by Ciara Wardlow

"Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It" by Danielle Scruggs 

"The Serpent" by Craig Lindsey 

"Siberia" by Sergio Mims 

"The Sparks Brothers" by Brandon Towns 

"Summer of 85" by Odie Henderson

"The Superdeep" by Charles Kirkland Jr.

"Sweat" by Whitney Spencer 

"Sweet Thing" by Travis Hopson 

TV Review: "Physical" by Ciara Wardlow


Chaz Ebert Debuts Song I Remember People, Performed Quarantine-Style by The Chicago Soul Spectacular by The Editors

The Fairy Tale of Homeownership in The Last Black Man in San Francisco by Robert Daniels

How the Image of Black Women Has (and Hasn't) Changed in the Last Two Decades by Carla Renata

John Singleton (1968-2019) by Odie Henderson

Joy and Triumph: Reclaiming the Image of Black Women in Cinema by Rebecca Theodore-Vachon


Connected to the Soil: Charles Burnett on “To Sleep with Anger” by Sergio Mims

Ebertfest 2018: Eight Things I Learned About Belle from Amma Asante by Niani Scott

I Will Not Forget You: Barry Jenkins on The Underground Railroad by Robert Daniels

We Are Not a Monolith: JaNeika and JaSheika James on Their Book, Living Double by Chaz Ebert


"Billie" by Robert Daniels

"Dear White People" by Steven Boone

"Lee Daniels' The Butler" by Steven Boone

"MLK/FBI" by Odie Henderson

"Morris From America" by Angelica Jade Bastién

"Night of the Kings" by Robert Daniels

"The Outside Story" by Odie Henderson

"Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker" by Whitney Spencer

"Small Axe: Lovers Rock" by Odie Henderson

"Time" by Odie Henderson

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