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The Other Lamb

Most of the movie keeps up the narrative suspense against a gorgeous but bleak minimalistic backdrop of rainy, windswept mountains.

How to Fix a Drug Scandal

Rarely have I been more frustrated by a documentary production’s formal choices and how they interfere with the engaging content of the story they’re trying…

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Ballad of Narayama

"The Ballad of Narayama" is a Japanese film of great beauty and elegant artifice, telling a story of startling cruelty. What a space it opens…

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The Individual Top Tens of the Decade

Back in November, we presented the site’s Top 25 of the 2010s, led by Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life.” In conjunction with our Best of 2019 and its associated lists, we wanted to share the individual top tens of the films released from 2010-2019 from our regular critics and wonderful contributors. Enjoy. 

Brian Tallerico
1. “The Tree of Life”
2. “Inside Llewyn Davis
3. “Roma
4. “A Separation
5. “Mad Max: Fury Road
6. “The Master
7. “Moonlight
8. “The Social Network
9. “Phoenix
10. “Certified Copy


Matt Zoller Seitz
1. “The Tree of Life”
2. “The Act of Killing”/”The Look of Silence
3. “Cameraperson
4. “Silence
5. “Mad Max: Fury Road”
6. “Moonlight”
7. “Gett: The Trial of Vivian Ansalem”
8. “Inherent Vice”
9. “The Grand Budapest Hotel
10. “A Bread Factory”

Tomris Laffly
1. “A Separation”
2. “Inside Llewyn Davis”
3. “This is Not a Film”
4. “Brooklyn
5. “Stories We Tell
6. “The Florida Project
7. “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
8. “Phantom Thread
9. “Another Year
10. “Roma”

Monica Castillo
1. "Coco"
2. "Inside Llewyn Davis"
3. "Mad Max: Fury Road"
4. "Get Out"
5. "Moonlight"
6. "Only Lovers Left Alive"
7. "Hugo"
8. "Dawson City: Frozen Time"
9. "The Souvenir
10. "Roma"

Simon Abrams
1. “Under the Skin
2. “The Tree of Life”
3. “A Quiet Passion
4. “A Useful Life”
5. “The Last of the Unjust
6. “Long Day’s Journey into Night”
7. “Blindspotting
8. “Dead Souls
9. “The Hateful Eight
10. “The Skin I Live In

Sheila O’Malley (unranked)
“Certified Copy”
“Get Out”
Inherent Vice
“Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood”
“A Separation”
“This is Not a Film”
“The Tree of Life”
The Wolf of Wall Street

Odie Henderson
1. “Blindspotting”
2. “If Beale Street Could Talk
3. “Creed
4. “The Last Black Man in San Francisco
5. “Pain and Glory
6. “Fences
7. “Mudbound
8. “BlacKkKlansman
9. “A Separation”
10. “Get Out”

Christy Lemire (chronologically)
“The Social Network”
“Inside Llewyn Davis”
“Stories We Tell”
“Mad Max: Fury Road”
“OJ: Made in America”
“Call Me By Your Name”
“Phantom Thread”
The Favourite
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Glenn Kenny
1. “A Dangerous Method
2. “Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives:
3. “Wild Grass”
4. “The Master”
5. “The Turin Horse”
6. “Inside Llewyn Davis”
7. “The Wolf of Wall Street”
8. “Like Someone in Love”
9. “Inherent Vice”
10. “The Last of the Unjust”

Nick Allen
1. “The Master”
2. “Inside Llewyn Davis”
3. “Cameraperson”
4. “The Big Short”
5. “Hereditary”
6. “Entertainment”
7. “Looper”
8. “Manchester by the Sea”
9. “Whose Streets?”
10. “Phantom Thread”


Matt Fagerholm
1. “Minding the Gap”
2. “Stations of the Cross”
3. “Eighth Grade”
4. “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”
5. “Inside Out”
6. “The Tree of Life”
7. “The Wise Kids”
8. “12 Years a Slave”
9. “The Diary of a Teenage Girl”
10. “Human Flow”

Nell Minow (unranked)
“The Act of Killing”/”The Look of Silence”
“Beasts of the Southern Wild”
“If Beale Street Could Talk”
“Inside Llewyn Davis”
“Inside Out”
“La La Land”
“Toy Story 3”
“The Wolf of Wall Street”

Peter Sobczynski
1. “Blue is the Warmest Color”
2. “The Tree of Life”
3. “Mad Max: Fury Road”
4. “Phantom Thread”
5. “Passion”
6. “Elle”
7. “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood”
8. “The Irishman”
9. “The Social Network”
10. “Goodbye to Language”

Scout Tafoya
1. “Certain Women”
2. “Black Mother”
3. “Knight of Cups”
4. “Hard to Be a God”
5. “Dormant Beauty”
6. “Greenery Will Bloom Again”
7. “Holy Motors”/”It May Be That Beauty Has Strengthened Our Resolve: Masai Adachi”
8. “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”
9. “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”
10. “House of Tolerance”

Godfrey Cheshire
1. "Citizenfour"
2. "Roma"
3. "12 Years a Slave"
4. "Parasite"
5. "Silence"
6. "La Sapienza"
7. "Ida"
8. "A Separation"
9. "The Rider"
10. "Amour "

Barbara Scharres (unranked)
“Ash is Purest White”
“The Area”
“Beasts of the Southern Wild”
“Breakfast with Curtis”
“A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”
“The Great Beauty”
“Holy Motors”
“A Separation”
“The Tale of the Princess Kaguya”
 “Toni Erdmann”

Dan Callahan
1. “The Tree of Life”
2. “The Wolf of Wall Street”
3. “The Diary of a Teenage Girl”
4. “The Handmaiden”
5. “Aquarius”
6. “The Congress”
7. “Francine”
8. “Diane”
9. “12 Years a Slave”
10. “Cosmos”

Michal Oleszczyk
1. “Tangerine”
2. “Lady Bird”
3. “Sieranevada”
4. “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”
5. “Caesar Must Die”
6. “Stranger by the Lake”
7. “Room”
8. “It Follows”
9. “Force Majeure”
10. “Ex Libris: New York Public Library”

Robert Daniels
1. “Moonlight”
2. “The Florida Project”
3. “Inside Llewyn Davis”
4. “The Master”
5. “12 Years a Slave”
6. “The Tree of Life”
7. “Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter”
8. “The Social Network”
9. “Columbus”
10. “Blade Runner 2049”


Valerie Kalfrin (unranked)
“Before Midnight”
“Blade Runner 2049”
“Get Out”
“How to Train Your Dragon”
“Mad Max: Fury Road”
"Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse"

Seongyong Cho
1. “The Social Network”
2. “The Tree of Life”
3. “Mad Max: Fury Road”
4. “Roma”
5. “Moonlight”
6. “Boyhood”
7. “Phantom Thread”
8. “A Separation”
9. “Phoenix”
10. “Parasite”

Justine Smith
1. “Under the Skin”
2. “Personal Shopper”
3. “Gone Girl”
4. “First Reformed”
5. “Scarred Hearts”
6. “House of Tolerance”
7. “Bastards”
8. “Raw”
9. “Tabu”
10. “Columbus”

Max O’Connell
1. “The Master”
2. “The Tree of Life”
3. “Certified Copy”
4. “First Reformed”
5. “Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives”
6. “Phantom Thread”
7. “Meek’s Cutoff”
8. “The Duke of Burgundy”
9. “Happy Hour”
10. “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia”

Kristy Puchko
1. “Get Out”
2. “The Babadook”
3. “The Handmaiden”
4. “Mad Max: Fury Road”
5. “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”
6. “A Separation”
7. “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”
8. “Anna Karenina”
9. “Paddington 2”
10. “Logan”

Ben Kenigsberg (chronological)
“Certified Copy”
“The Master”
“Zero Dark Thirty”
“At Berkeley”
“Toni Erdmann”
“The Irishman”

Carlos Aguilar
1. “A Separation”
2. “The Tree of Life”
3. “Foxtrot”
4. “Boy and the World”
5. “Ida”
6. “Roma”
7. “Dogtooth”
8. “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”
9. “The Red Turtle”
10. “Son of Saul”

Allison Shoemaker
1. “The Florida Project”
2. “Moonlight”
3. “The Social Network”
4. “A Separation”
5. “Mad Max: Fury Road”
6. “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”
7. “Lady Bird”
8. “Phantom Thread”
9. “Eighth Grade”
10. “Paterson”

Collin Souter
1. “The Tree of Life”
2. “Mad Max: Fury Road”
3. “Inside Out”
4. “Roma”
5. “The Social Network”
6. “Boyhood”
7. “Gravity”
8. “Lucky”
9. “A Ghost Story”
10. “World of Tomorrow”


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