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Thumbnails 6/7/17

Crying through the fight scenes in "Wonder Woman"; Behind Wonder Woman is a great man; How Patty Jenkins saved DC; Tributes to 1978's "Superman"; Ebert on Jenkins.


Thumbnails 6/17/16

Why Viggo Mortensen is off the grid; How Netflix became Hollywood's frenemy; Ted Kotcheff on "First Blood"; Insomnia and philosophy; Bruce Dern at 80.


Thumbnails 4/21/14

Ray Harryhausen's creature drawings; How hollywood killed death; Live-coverage of Hateful Eight reading; Masterful noir films; A short movie.


Thumbnails 12/5/2013

The National Board of Review selects "Her" as best picture; is Jennifer Lawrence the new Anne Hathaway?; Melissa Anderson considers Barbara Stanwyck; how to defend your high school musical; Afghanistan returns to the movies.