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Cannes all winners

The Festival International du Film, held annually in Cannes, France, has become the world's most prestigious film festival—the spot on the beach where the newest films from the world's top directors compete for both publicity and awards.

Originally created in 1939 in response to reports of rigged judging at the 1934 Venice Film Festival, the first festival at Cannes was delayed until 1946, when films in competition included Jean Cocteau's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (1946), Emilio Fernandez's MARIA CANDELARIA (1944), Alfred Hitchcock's NOTORIOUS (1946), Roberto Rossellini's OPEN CITY (1945), Charles Vidor's GILDA (1946), and Billy Wilder's THE LOST WEEKEND (1945). The Grand Prize of the International Jury went to René Clément's quasi-documentary THE BATTLE OF THE RAILS (1945). Although the quality of films screened has always been high (directors who have received their "starts" there range from Satyajit Ray and François Truffaut to such recent discoveries as Jim Jarmusch, Spike Lee, Steven Soderbergh, and Jane Campion), the manner in which the competition has been organized has changed over the years. The selection of the members of the international jury sometimes generates as much controversy as the selection of the films themselves. The judges have always voted on the festival's best film; at various times they have also administered numerous other awards. During the first festival the judges awarded eleven grand prizes and two "Peace" prizes. They also recognized films for best direction, performance (male and female), screenplay, music, cinematography, color, documentary, and animation. By 1947 the prizes were more creatively titled and were offered in separate genre categories, such as Films Psychologiques et d'Amour (Psychological and Love Films) and Films d'Aventures and Policier (Adventure and Detective Films).

In the year 1955 the festival created the film community's most coveted award after the Academy Award for best picture, the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm). Awarded to the best film of the festival, it went that year to Delbert Mann's MARTY. Subsequent winners have included some of the most memorable films in history—Marcel Camus's BLACK ORPHEUS (1959), Luis Buñuel's VIRIDIANA (1961), Luchino Visconti's THE LEOPARD (1963), Michelangelo Antonioni's BLOWUP (1966), Lindsay Anderson's IF… (1968), Robert Altman's M*A*S*H (1970), Francis Ford Coppola's THE CONVERSATION (1974), Martin Scorsese's TAXI DRIVER (1976), Akira Kurosawa's KAGEMUSHA (1980), and Wim Wenders's PARIS, TEXAS (1984). In 1979 the Camera d'Or (Golden Camera) was created, to be presented to the filmmaker who delivered the best first feature.

The festival was cancelled in 1948 and 1950 due to problems in the French film industry and again in 1968, owing to the tumultuous political climate in Paris.

1946 Grand Prix THE RED EARTH (Den.), Lau Lauritzen THE LOST WEEKEND, Billy Wilder LA SYMPHONIE PASTORALE (Fr.), Jean Delannoy BRIEF ENCOUNTER (Brit.), David Lean NEECHA NAGAR (India), Chetan Anand OPEN CITY (Ital.), Roberto Rossellini MARIA CANDELARIA (Mex.), Emilio Fernandez THE PRIZE (Swed.), Alf Sjöberg THE LAST CHANCE (Switz.), Leopold Lindtberg MEN WITHOUT WINGS (Czech.), M. Cap THE GREAT TURNING POINT ( U.S.S.R.), Friedrich Ermler Direction René Clement, BATTLE OF THE RAILS (Fr.) Male Performance Ray Milland, THE LOST WEEKEND Female Performance Michele Morgan, LA SYMPHONIE PASTORALE (Fr.) Screenplay Tchirskov, THE GREAT TURNING POINT (Czech.) Music Georges Auric Cinematography Gabriel Figueroa, MARIA CALENDARIA and THE THREE MUSKETEERS (Mex.) Color Alexander Ptouchko , THE STONE FLOWER (U.S.S.R.) Documentary BERLIN (U.S.S.R), J. Raisman Animation Walt Disney, MAKE MINE MUSIC Special Jury Prize BATTLE OF THE RAILS (Fr.), René Clement Grand Prix for Peace THE LAST CHANCE (Switz.), Leopold Lindtberg

1947 Psychological and Love Film ANTOINE AND ANTOINETTE (1947)/ANTOINE ET ANTOINETTE (Fr.), Jacques Becker Adventure and Detective Film THE DAMNED (Fr.), René Clement Social Film CROSSFIRE, Edward Dmytryk Musical ZIEGFELD FOLLIES, Vincente Minnelli Animated Film DUMBO, Walt Disney

1948 Festival not held due to lack of funding.

1949 Grand Prix THE THIRD MAN (Brit.), Carol Reed Direction René Clement, THE WALLS OF MALAPAGA (Fr./Ital.) Male Performance Edward G. Robinson, HOUSE OF STRANGERS Female Performance Isa Miranda, THE WALLS OF MALAPAGA (Fr./Ital.) Screenplay Virginia Shaler and Eugene Ling, LOST BOUNDARIES Music Emilio Fernandez, PUEBLERINA (Fr./Ital.) Decor Claude Autant-Lara, OH, AMELIA! (Fr.)

1950 Festival not held due to lack of funds, and other problems in the film industry of France.

1951 Grand Prix MIRACLE IN MILAN (Ital.), Vittorio De Sica MISS JULIE (Swed.), Alf Sjöberg Special Jury Prize ALL ABOUT EVE, Joseph L. Mankiewicz Direction Luis Buñuel, LOS OLVIDADOS Male Performance Michael Redgrave, THE BROWNING VERSION (Brit.) Female Performance Bette Davis, ALL ABOUT EVE Screenplay Terence Rattigan, THE BROWNING VERSION (Brit.) Music Joseph Kosma, JULIETTE OU LA CLEF DES SONGES Cinematography Luis-Maria Beltran, LA CARAVELLE ISABEL PARTIRA CE SOIR (Ven.) Decor Souvorov A. Veksler, MOUSSORGSKY (U.S.S.R) Special Prize for Originality of Lyrical Adaptation to Flm THE TALES OF HOFFMANN, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger Special Award The entire selection of films presented at the festival by Italy.

1952 Grand Prix TWO PENNYWORTH OF HOPE (Ital.), Renato Castellani OTHELLO (Morocco), Orson Welles Special Jury Prize WE ARE ALL MURDERERS (Fr.), André Cayatte Direction Christian-Jaque, FAN-FAN LA TULIPE Male Performance Marlon Brando, VIVA ZAPATA! Female Performance Lee Grant, DETECTIVE STORY Film Lyricism Gian Carlo Menotti, THE MEDIUM Scenario Piero Fellini, COPS AND ROBBERS (Ital.) Music Sven Skold, ONE SUMMER OF HAPPINESS (Swed.) Photography and Composition Kohei Sugiyama, A TALE OF GENJI (Jap.)

1953 Grand Prix THE WAGES OF FEAR (Fr./Ital.), Henri-Georges Clouzot Male Performance Charles Vanel, THE WAGES OF FEAR (Fr./Ital.) Female Performance Shirley Booth, COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA Adventure Film Lima Barreto, O CANGACEIRO (Brazil) Entertainment Film LILI, Charles Walters Dramatic Film COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA, Daniel Mann Mythical Film THE WHITE REINDEER, Erik Blomberg Exploration Film MAGIA VERDE (Ital.), Gian Gaspare Napolitano Prize for Good Humor Luis Berlanga, BIENVENDU, MISTER MARSHALL (Span.) Le Mieux Raconte par l'Image THE NET (Mex.), Emilio Fernandez Scenario Luis Berlanga, BIENVENUDO, MISTER MARSHALL (Span.) Music Lima Barreto, O CANGACEIRO (Brazil) Color Giain Gaspare Napolitano, MAGIA VERDE (Ital.) Special Homage Walt Disney for the entire ensemble of his work. Edgar Neville, DUENDE Y MISTERIO DEL FLAMENCO (Span.)

1954 Grand Prix GATE OF HELL (Jap.), Teinosuke Kinugasa Special Jury Prizes LOVERS, HAPPY LOVERS/KNAVE OF HEARTS (Brit.), René Clement International Prize THE LAST BRIDGE (Aust.), Helmut Kautner and Maria Schell National Recognition Awards THE LIVING DESERT, Walt Disney AVANT LE DELUGE (Fr.), André Cayatte TWO ACRES OF LAND (India), Bimal Roy NEAPOLITAN CAROUSEL (Ital.), Ettore Giannini CHRONICLE OF POOR LOVERS (Ital.), Carlo Lizzani FIVE BOYS FROM BARSKA STREET (Pol.), Aleksander Ford THE GREAT ADVENTURE (Swed.), Arne Sucksdorff THE GREAT WARRIOR SKANDERBERG, Sergei Yutkevich Special Recognition Prize Fred Zinnemann, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY

1955 Palme d'Or MARTY, Delbert Mann particular praise for the following contributions: Screenplay by Paddy Chayefsky Mise-en-Scène by Delbert Mann Performances by Ernest Borgnine and Betsy Blair. Special Jury Prize THE LOST CONTINENT (Ital.), Leonardo Bonzi, Mario Craveri, Enrico Gras, F. Lavagnino, and G. Moser Mise-en-scène THE HEROES OF SHIPKA (Bulg.), Sergei Vassiliev, Direction Jules Dassin, RIFIFI (Fr.) Performances Spencer Tracy, BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK The ensemble of actors for THE BIG FAMILY (U.S.S.R.), Joseph Heifitz Dramatic Film EAST OF EDEN, Elia Kazan Film Lyricism L. Arnchtam and L. Lavrovsky; ROMEO AND JULIET (U.S.S.R.), (choreographed by Gabila Oulanova) Special Jury Mentions BOOT POLISH (India), Baby Naaz HILL 24 DOESN'T ANSWER (Israel), Haya Havarit MARCELINO (Span.), Ladislao Vajda

1956 Palme d'Or THE SILENT WORLD (Fr.), Jacques Yves Cousteau and Louis Malle Special Jury Prize THE MYSTERY OF PICASSO (Fr.), Henri-Georges Clouzot Direction Sergei Yutkevich, OTHELLO (U.S.S.R.) Female Performance Susan Hayward, I'LL CRY TOMORROW Poetic Humor Film Ingmar Bergman, SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT (Swed.), Human Document Satyajit Ray, PATHER PANCHALI (India)

1957 Palme d'Or FRIENDLY PERSUASION, William Wyler Special Jury Prize KANAL (Pol.), Andrzej Wajda THE SEVENTH SEAL (Swed.), Ingmar Bergman Special Prize Grigori Chukhrai, THE FORTY-FIRST (U.S.S.R.) Direction Robert Bresson, A MAN ESCAPED (Fr.) Male Performance John Kitzmiller, VALLEY OF FACES (Yugo.) Female Performance Giulietta Masina, NIGHTS OF CABIRIA (Ital./Fr.) Documentary THE ROOF OF JAPAN (Jap.), Sadao Imamura QIVITOQ (Den.), Erik Balling Special Mention GOTOMA THE BUDDHA (India), Rajbans Khanna Country Selection: France HE WHO MUST DIE, Jules Dassin A MAN ESCAPED, Robert Bresson TOUTE LA MEMOIRE DU MONDE, Alain Resnais NIOK, Edmond Sechan

1958 Palme d'Or THE CRANES ARE FLYING (U.S.S.R.), Mikhail Kalatozov Honorary award to Tatyana Samoilova for her superb performance. Special Jury Prize MON ONCLE (Fr.), Jacques Tati Direction Ingmar Bergman, BRINK OF LIFE (Swed.) Male Performance Paul Newman, THE LONG HOT SUMMER Female Performance Bibi Andersson, Eva Dahlbeck, Ingrid Thulin, and Barbro Hiort-Af-Ornas, BRINK OF LIFE (Swed.) Original Scenario Pier Paolo Pasolini, Massimo Franciosa, and P. Festa Campanile, YOUNG HUSBANDS Special Prizes GOHA (Tunisia), Jacques Baratier BRONZE FACES (Switz.), Bernard Taisant Fipresci Award VENGEANCE (Span.), Juan Antonio Bardem

1959 Palme d'Or BLACK ORPHEUS/ORFEU NEGRO (Fr.), Marcel Camus Special Jury Prize STARS (Bulg.), Konrad Wolf International Prize NAZARIN (Mex.), Luis Buñuel Mise-en-Scène THE FOUR HUNDRED BLOWS (Fr.), François Truffaut Female Performance Simone Signoret, ROOM AT THE TOP (Brit) Male Performance Dean Stockwell, Bradford Dillman, and Orson Welles, COMPULSION (U.S.) Comedy POLICARPO (Ital.), Renato Castellani Film Writers Award Marguerite Duras, Alain Resnais, HIROSHIMA, MON AMOUR

1960 Palme d'Or LA DOLCE VITA (Ital.), Federico Fellini Special Prizes BALLAD OF A SOLDIER (U.S.S.R.), Grigori Chukhrai LADY WITH A DOG (U.S.S.R.), Josef Heifitz KAGI (Jap.), Kon Ichikawa L'AVVENTURA (Ital.), Michelangelo Antonioni, "for its contribution to film language." Female Performance Melinda Mercouri, NEVER ON SUNDAY (Gr.) Jeanne Moreau, MODERATO CANTABILE (Fr.) Special Homage Awards Ingmar Bergman, THE VIRGIN SPRING (Swed.) Luis Buñuel, THE YOUNG ONE (Mex.)

1961 Palme d'Or VIRIDIANA (Span.), Luis Buñuel A LONG ABSENCE (Fr./Ital.), Henri Colpi Special Jury Prize MOTHER JOAN OF THE ANGELS (Pol.), Jerzy Kawalerowicz Mise-en-Scène HISTORY OF THE BURNING YEARS (U.S.S.R.), Jerzy Kawalerowicz and Julia Solntzeva Female Performance Sophia Loren, TWO WOMEN (Fr./Ital.) Male Performance Anthony Perkins, GOODBYE AGAIN (Fr./U.S.) National Selection NEBBIA (Italy), Raffaele Andreassai BIOVEDI: PASSEGIATA, Vincenzo Gamma GIRL WITH A SUITCASE, Valerio Zurlini CHE GIOIA VIVERE, Rene Clement THE LOVE MAKERS, Mauro Bolognini Gary Cooper Award for Human Values Daniel Petrie, A RAISIN IN THE SUN (U.S.) Fipresci Awards HANDS IN THE TRAP (Arg.), Leopoldo Torre-Nilsson CHRONICLE OF A SUMMER (Fr.), Jean Rouch

1962 Palme d'Or THE GIVEN WORD (Brazil), Anselmo Duarte Special Jury Prize THE TRIAL OF JOAN OF ARC (Fr.), Robert Bresson ECLIPSE/L'ECLISSE (Ital./Fr.), Michelangelo Antonioni Performances Katharine Hepburn, Ralph Richardson, Jason Robards, Jr. and Dean Stockwell, LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT (U.S.) Rita Tushingham, Murray Melvin, A TASTE OF HONEY(Brit.) Adaptation Michael Cacoyannis, ELECTRA (Gr.) Comedy Pietro Germi, DIVORCE—ITALIAN STYLE (Ital.) Fipresci Award THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL (Mex.), Luis Buñuel

1963 Palme d'Or THE LEOPARD (Fr./Ital.), Luchino Visconti Special Jury Award HARAKIRI (Jap.), Masaki Kobayashi A CAT (Czech.), Vojtech Jasny Female Performance Marina Vlady, THE CONJUGAL BED (Ital.) Male Performance Richard Harris, THIS SPORTING LIFE (Brit.) Scenario Yves Jamiaque, Dumuitru Carabat, and Henri Colpi, CODINE (Rum.) Gary Cooper Award For Human Values Robert Mulligan, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (U.S.) Fipresci Awards THIS SPORTING LIFE (Brit.), Lindsay Anderson LE JOLI MAI (Fr.), Chris Marker

1964 Palme d'Or THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG (Fr.), Jacques Demy Special Jury Award WOMAN IN THE DUNES (Jap.), Hiroshi Teshigahara Female Performance Anne Bancroft, THE PUMPKIN EATER (U.S.) Barbara Barrie, ONE POTATO, TWO POTATO (U.S.) Male Performance Antal Pager, PACSIRTA (Hung.) Saro Urzi, SEDUCED AND ABANDONED (Ital.) Special Homage Andrzej Munk, THE PASSENGER (Pol.) Special Jury Mention KRIK (Czech.), Jaromil Jires ROMANCE MOSCOU (U.S.S.R.), Georgui Danelia LA NINI DE LUTO (Span.), Manuel Summers Fipresci Award THE PASSENGER (Pol.), Andrzej Munk

1965 Palme d'Or THE KNACK, AND HOW TO GET IT (Brit.), Richard Lester Special Jury Prize KWAIDAN (Jap.), Masaki Kobayashi Male and Female Performances Samantha Eggar and Terence Stamp, THE COLLECTOR (U.S.) Mise-en-Scène THE LOST FOREST (Rum.), Liviu Ciulei Scenario Ray Rigby, THE HILL (Brit.) Pierre Schoendoerffer, 317TH SECTION (Fr.) Special Jury Mentions Josef Kroner (Czechoslavakia) Ida Kaminska (Czechoslavakia) Vera Kouznetsova (U.S.S.R.) Fipresci Award TARAHUMARA (Mex.), Luis Alcoriza

1966 Palme d'Or A MAN AND A WOMAN (Fr.), Claude Lelouch THE BIRDS, THE BEES AND THE ITALIANS (Fr./Ital.), Pietro Germi Special Jury Prize ALFIE (Brit.), Lewis Gilbert Female Performance Vanessa Redgrave, MORGAN! (Brit.) Male Performance Per Oscarsson, HUNGER (Den.) Mise-en-Scène PORTRAIT OF LENIN (U.S.S.R.), Serge Youtkevitch 20th Anniversary Tribute Orson Welles, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to cinema. Fipresci Award YOUNG TORLESS (Ger.), Volker Schlondorff THE WAR IS OVER (Fr.), Alain Resnais

1967 Palme d'Or BLOWUP (Ital.), Michelangelo Antonioni Special Jury Prize ACCIDENT (Brit./Ital.), Joseph Losey I EVEN MET HAPPY GYPSIES (Yugo.), Aleksandar Petrovic Female Performance Pia Degermark, ELVIRA MADIGAN/ELVIRA MADIGAN EMPEROR OF THE NORTH POLE (Den.) Male Performance Elio Petri, Ugo Pirro, WE STILL KILL THE OLD WAY (Ital.) Special Homage Award Robert Bresson

1968 Festival cancelled because of unstable political climate in Paris.

1969 Palme d'Or IF… (Brit.), Lindsay Anderson Special Jury Prize ADALEN 31 (Swed.), Bo Widerberg Female Performance Vanessa Redgrave, ISADORA (Brit.) Male Preformance Jean-Louis Trintignant, Z (Fr.) Jury Prize Z (Fr.), Costa-Gavras Mise-en-Scène ANTONIO DAS MORTES (Braz.), Glauber Rocha ALL GOOD CITIZENS (Czech.), Vojtech Jasny Fipresci Award ANDREI RUBLEV (U.S.S.R.), Andrei Tarkovsky

1970 Palme d'Or M*A*S*H (U.S.), Robert Altman Special Jury Prize INVESTIGATION OF A CITIZEN ABOVE SUSPICION (Ital.), Elio Petri Female Performance Ottavia Piccolo, METELLO (Ital.) Male Performance Marcello Mastroianni, PIZZA TRIANGLE Mise-en-Scène LEO THE LAST (Brit.), John Boorman Jury Prizes THE FALCONS (Hung.), Istvan Gal THE STRAWBERRY STATEMENT (U.S.), Stuart Hagmann

1971 Palme d'Or THE GO-BETWEEN (Brit.), Joseph Losey 25th Anniversary Prize DEATH IN VENICE (Ital.), Lucino Visconti, (as well as his complete oeuvre) Special Jury Prize TAKING OFF (U.S.), Milos Forman JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN (U.S.), Dalton Trumbo Female Performance Kitty Winn, THE PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK (U.S.) Riccardo Cucciolla, SACCO AND VANZETTI (Ital.) Jury Prize LOVE (Hung.), Karoly Makk Special mention for the performances of Lily Darvas and Mari Torocsik, JOE HILL (Swed.)

1972 Palme d'Or THE MATTEI AFFAIR (Ital.), Francesco Rosi Special Jury Mention for the performance of Gian Maria Volonte, THE WORKING CLASS GO TO HEAVEN (Ital.) Special Jury Prize SOLARIS (U.S.S.R.), Andrei Tarkovsky Female Performance Susannah York, IMAGES (Ireland) Male Performance Jean Yanne, WE WILL NOT GROW OLD TOGETHER (Fr.) Mise-en-Scène RED PSALM (Hung.), Miklos Jancso Jury Prize SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE (U.S.), George Roy Hill

1973 Palme d'Or SCARECROW (U.S.), Jerry Schatzberg THE HIRELING (Brit.), Alan Bridges Special Jury Prize THE MOTHER AND THE WHORE (Fr.), Jean Eustache Female Performance Joanne Woodward, THE EFFECT OF GAMMA RAYS ON MAN-IN-THE-MOON MARIGOLDS (U.S.) Male Performance Giancarlo Giannini, LOVE AND ANARCHY (Ital.) Special Prize LA PLENETE SAUVAGE (Fr.), Rene Laloux Jury Prize HOUR GLASS SANATORIUM (Pol.), Wojciech Has THE INVITATION (Switz.), Claude Goretta Fipresci Award THE MOTHER AND THE WHORE (Fr.), Jean Eustache THE GRANDE BOUFFE (Ital.), Marco Ferreri

1974 Palme d'Or THE CONVERSATION (U.S.), Francis Ford Coppola Special Jury Prize ONE THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS (Ital.), Pier Paolo Pasolini Female Performance Marie-Jose Nat, LES VIOLONS DU BAL Male Performance Jack Nicholson, THE LAST DETAIL (U.S.) Jury Prize COUSIN ANGELICA (Span.), Carlos Saura Scenario Hal Barwood and Matthew Robbins, THE SUGARLAND EXPRESS (U.S.) Grand Prix de la Commission Superieure Technique du Cinema Francais MAHLER (Brit.), Ken Russell Special Tribute Charles Boyer, STAVISKY (Fr.) Fipresci Award LANCELOT OF THE LAKE (Fr.), Robert Bresson ALI—FEAR EATS THE SOUL (1974) (Ger.), Rainer Werner Fassbinder

1975 Palme d'Or CHRONICLE OF THE BURNING YEARS (Algeria), Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina Special Jury Prize EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF AND GOD AGAINST ALL (Ger.), Werner Herzog Female Performance Valerie Perrine, LENNY (U.S.) Male Performance Vittorio Gassman, SCENT OF A WOMAN (Ital.) Mise-en-Scène SPECIAL SECTION, Constantin Costa-Gavras THE ORDER (Can.), Michel Brault Fipresci Award EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF AND GOD AGAINST ALL (Ger.), Werner Herzog

1976 Palme d'Or TAXI DRIVER (U.S.), Martin Scorsese Special Jury Prize CRIA CUERVOS (Span.), Carlos Saura THE MARQUISE OF O (Ger./Fr.), Eric Rohmer Female Performance Dominique Sanda, THE INHERITANCE (Ital.) Mari Torocsik, MRS. DERY, WHERE ARE YOU? Male Performance Jose Luis Gomez, PASCUAL DUARTE (Span.) Mise-en-Scène DOWN AND DIRTY (Ital.), Ettore Scola Fipresci Award STRONGMAN FERDINAND (Ger.), Alexander Kluge KINGS OF THE ROAD (Ger.), Wim Wenders

1977 Palme d'Or PADRE PADRONE (Ital.), Paolo Taviani and Vittorio Taviani Female Performance Shelley Duvall, 3 WOMEN (U.S.) Monique Mercure, J.A. MARTIN, PHOTOGRAPHER (Can.) Male Performance Fernando Rey, ELISA, MY LOVE (Span.) Musical Score Norman Whitfield, CAR WASH (U.S.) Fipresci Award PADRE PADRONE (Ital.), Paolo Taviani and Vittorio Taviani

1978 Palme d'Or THE TREE OF WOODEN CLOGS (Ital.), Ermanno Olmi Special Jury Prize BYE BYE MONKEY (Ital.), Marco Ferreri THE SHOUT (Brit.), Jerzy Skolimowski Female Performance Jill Clayburgh, AN UNMARRIED WOMAN (U.S.) Isabelle Huppert, VIOLETTE (Fr.) Male Performance Jon Voight, COMING HOME (U.S.) Mise-en-Scène EMPIRE OF PASSION (Jap.), Nagisa Oshima Fipresci Award MAN OF MARBLE (Pol.), Andrzej Wajda SMELL OF WILD FLOWERS (Ital.), Srdan Karanovic

1979 Palme d'Or THE TIN DRUM (Ger.), Volker Schlondorff APOCALYPSE NOW (U.S.), Francis Ford Coppola Special Jury Prize SIBERIADE (U.S.S.R.), Andrei Mikalkov Konchalovsky Female Performance Sally Field, NORMA RAE (U.S.) Male Performance Jack Lemmon, THE CHINA SYNDROME (U.S.) Supporting Female Performance Eva Mattes, WOYZECK (Ger.) Supporting Male Performance Stefano Madia, DEAR PAPA (Ital.) Mise-en-Scène DAYS OF HEAVEN (U.S.), Terrence Malick Camera D'Or for Film Debut NORTHERN LIGHTS (U.S.), John Hanson and Rob Nilsson Fipresci Award Competing Film: APOCALYPSE NOW (U.S.), Francis Ford Coppola Out of Competition: ANGI VERA (Hung.), Pal Gabor BLACK JACK (Brit.), Ken Loach

1980 Palme d'Or KAGEMUSHA/KAGEMUSHA (THE SHADOW WARRIOR) (Jap.), Akira Kurosawa ALL THAT JAZZ (U.S.), Bob Fosse Special Jury Prize MON ONCLE D'AMERIQUE (Fr.), Alain Resnais Female Performance Anouk Aimée, LEAP INTO THE VOID (Ital.) Male Performance Michel Piccoli, LEAP INTO THE VOID (Ital.) Scenario Ettore Scola, Agenore Incrocci and Furio Scarpelli, THE TERRACE (Ital.) Mise-en-Scène THE CONSTANT FACTOR (Pol.), Krzysztof Zanussi Second Female Role Carla Gravina, THE TERRACE (Ital.) Milena Dravic, SPECIAL THERAPY (Yugo.) Second Male Role Jack Thompson, BREAKER MORANT (Aus.) Fipresci MON ONCLE D'AMERIQUE (Fr.), Alain Resnais PROVINCIAL ACTORS (Pol.), Agniezka Holland

1981 Palme d'Or MAN OF IRON (Pol.), Andrzej Wajda Special Jury Prize LIGHT YEARS AWAY (Fr./Switz.), Alain Tanner Female Performance Isabelle Adjani, QUARTET (Brit./Fr.) and POSSESSION (Fr./Ger.) Male Performance Ugo Tognazzi, THE TRAGEDY OF A RIDICULOUS MAN (Ital.) Scenario Istvan Szabo, Peter Dobai, MEPHISTO (Hung.) Artistic Contribution to the Poetics of Cinema John Boorman, EXCALIBUR (Ireland) Contemporary Cinema LOOKS AND SMILES (Brit.), Ken Loach NEIGE (Fr.), Juliet Berto and Jean-Henri Roger Second Female Role Elena Solovei, BLOOD GROUP ZERO (U.S.S.R.) Second Male Role Ian Holm, CHARIOTS OF FIRE (Brit.) Fipresci Award MEPHISTO (Hung.), Istvan Szabo

1982 Palme d'Or MISSING (U.S.), Costa-Gavras YOL (Turkey), Yilmaz Guney Special Jury Prize THE NIGHT OF THE SHOOTING STARS, (Ital.), Paolo Taviani and Vittorio Taviani Mise-en-Scène FITZCARRALDO (Ger.), Werner Herzog Female Perfomance Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak, ANOTHER WAY (Hung.) Male Performance Jack Lemmon, MISSING (U.S.) Scenario Jerzy Skolimowski, MOONLIGHTING (Brit.) Special 25th Anniversary Award Michelangelo Antonioni, IDENTIFICATION OF A WOMAN Fipresci YOL (Turkey), Yilmaz Guney Special Awards ANOTHER WAY (Hung.), Karoly Makk LES FLEURS SAUVAGES (Can.)

1983 Palme d'Or THE BALLAD OF NARAYAMA (Jap.), Shohei Imamura Grand Prix du Cinema de Creation L'ARGENT (Fr.), Robert Bresson NOSTALGIA (Ital.), Andrei Tarkovsky Special Jury Prize MONTY PYTHON'S THE MEANING OF LIFE (Brit.), Terry Jones Female Performance Hanna Schygulla, THE STORY OF PIERA (Ital.) Male Performance Gian Maria Volonte, THE DEATH OF MARIO RICCI (Switz./Fr.) Jury Prize KHARIJ (India), Mrinal Sen Artistic Contribution Carlos Saura, CARMEN (Span.) Fipresci Award NOSTALGHIA (Ital.), Andrei Tarkovsky SZERENCSES DANIEL (Hung.), Pal Sandor

1984 Palme d'Or PARIS, TEXAS (Ger./Fr.), Wim Wenders Special Jury Prize NAPLO (Hung.), Marta Meszaros Female Performance Helen Mirren, CAL (Ireland) Male Performance Alfredo Landa and Francisco Rebal, THE HOLY INNOCENTS (Span.) Mise-en-Scène A SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY (Fr.), Bertrand Tavernier Artistic Contribution Peter Biziou for the cinematography of ANOTHER COUNTRY (Brit.) Original Scenario Theo Angelopoulos, Theo Valtinos, and Tonino Guerra, VOYAGE TO CYTHERA (Gr.) Fipresci Award PARIS, TEXAS (Ger./Fr.), Wim Wenders VOYAGE TO CYTHERA, Theo Angelopoulos

1985 Palme d'Or WHEN FATHER WAS AWAY ON BUSINESS (Yug.), Emir Kusturica Grande Prix BIRDY, (U.S.), Alan Parker Director Andre Téchiné, RENDEZ-VOUS Male Performance William Hurt, KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN Female Performance Norma Aleandro, THE OFFICIAL STORY Cher, MASK Cinematography John Bailey, MISHIMA Production Design Eiko Ishioka, MISHIMA Music Philip Glass, MISHIMA Jury Prize COLONEL REDL (Hun./WGer./Austr.), Istvan Szabo Camera d'Or ORIANE (Venez.), Fina Torres Technical Nicolas Roeg, INSIGNIFICANCE (Brit.) Short JENITBA (Bulg.), Slav Bakalov and Rouman Petkov

1986 Palme d'Or THE MISSION (Brit.), Roland Joffe Grand Prix THE SACRIFICE (Switz./Fr.), Andrei Tarkovsky Director Martin Scorsese, AFTER HOURS (U.S.) Male Performance Bob Hoskins, MONA LISA (Brit.) Michel Blanc, TENUE DE SOIRÉE (Fr.) Female Performance Barbara Sukowa, ROSA LUXEMBURG Fernanda Torres, LOVE ME FOREVER OR NOT Cinematography Sven Nykvist, THE SACRIFICE Jury Prize THERESE (Fr.), Alain Cavalier Camera d'Or BLACK AND WHITE (Fr.), Claire Devers Technical Andrei Tarkovsky, THE SACRIFICE Short PEEL (Aust.), Jane Campion

1987 Palme d'Or UNDER SATAN'S SUN/SOUS LE SOLEIL DE SATAN/UNDER THE SUN OF SATAN (Fr.), Maurice Pialat Grande Prix REPENTANCE (U.S.S.R), Tengiz Abuladze Director Wim Wenders, WINGS OF DESIRE (Ger.) Male Performance Marcello Mastroianni, BLACK EYES (Ital.) Female Performance Barbara Hershey, SHY PEOPLE (U.S.) Music Stanley Meyers, PRICK UP YOUR EARS (Brit.) Jury Prize BRIGHTNESS, Soulemane Cisse SHINRAN, Rentaro Mikuni Camera d'Or ROBINSON MY ENGLISH GRANDFATHER, Nana Dzhordzhade Technical Gilles Jacob and Laurent Jacob, CINEMA IN THE EYES Short PALISADES (Aust.), Laurie McInnes

1988 Palme d'Or PELLE THE CONQUEROR (Den.), Bille August Grande Prix A WORLD APART (Brit.), Chris Menges Director Fernando Solanas, SUR/THE SOUTH Male Performance Forest Whitaker, BIRD Female Performance Barbara Hershey, Jhodi May and Linda Mvusi, A WORLD APART (Brit.) Artistic Peter Greenaway, DROWNING BY NUMBERS (Brit.) Jury Prize THOU SHALL NOT KILL (Pol.), Krzysztof Kieslowski Camera d'Or SALAAM BOMBAY!, Mira Nair Sound BIRD Short FIORITURES (U.S.S.R.), G. Bardine

1989 Palme d'Or SEX, LIES, AND VIDEOTAPE (U.S.), Steven Soderbergh Director Emir Kusturica, TIME OF THE GYPSIES (Yug.) Male Performance James Spader, SEX, LIES, AND VIDEOTAPE (U.S.) Female Performance Meryl Streep, A CRY IN THE DARK (Aust.) Artistic Contribution Jim Jarmusch, MYSTERY TRAIN (U.S.) Jury Prize JESUS OF MONTREAL (Can.), Denys Arcand Camera d'Or MY 20TH CENTURY (Hung.), Ildiko Enyedi Technical Prize Shohei Imamura, BLACK RAIN (Jap.)

1990 Palme d'Or WILD AT HEART (U.S.), David Lynch Grand Prix STING OF DEATH (Jap.), Kohei Oguri TILAI, Idrissa Ouedraogo and Burkina Faso Director Pavel Lungin, TAXI BLUES (U.S.S.R.) Male Performance Gérard Depardieu, CYRANO DE BERGERAC Female Performance Krystyna Janda, THE INTERROGATION (Pol.) Artistic Contribution Gleb Panfilov, THE MOTHER (U.S.S.R.) Jury Prize HIDDEN AGENDA (Brit.), Ken Loach Camera d'Or DON'T MOVE, DIE OR COME BACK TO LIFE (U.S.S.R.), Vitaly Kanevsky Cinematography Pierre L'Homme, CYRANO DE BERGERAC (Fr.) Short THE LUNCH DATE (U.S.), Adam Davidson

1991 Palme d'Or BARTON FINK (U.S.), Joel Coen and Ethan Coen Grand Prix EUROPA, EUROPA (Den.), Lars von Trier Maroun Bagdadi, HORS DE VIE (Fr.) Director Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, BARTON FINK (U.S.) Male Performance John Turturro, BARTON FINK Female Performance Irène Jacob, THE DOUBLE LIFE OF VERONIQUE (Fr./Pol.) Supporting Performance Samuel L. Jackson, JUNGLE FEVER (U.S.) Camera d'Or TOTO LE HÉROS (Belg.), Jaco van Dormael Palme d'Or for Best Short WITH HANDS IN THE AIR (Pol.), Mitko Panov Jury Prize for Best Short PUSH COMES TO SHOVE (U.S.), Bill Plympton Technical Award for Visual and Aural Excellence EUROPA, EUROPA,

1992 Palme d'Or THE BEST INTENTIONS (Swed.), Bille August Direction Robert Altman, THE PLAYER (U.S.) Male Performance Tim Robbins, THE PLAYER Female Performance Pernilla August, THE BEST INTENTIONS (Swed.) Grand Jury Prize STOLEN CHILDREN (Ital.), Gianni Amelio Jury Prize EL SOL DEL MEMBRILLO (Spain), Victor Erice AN INDEPENDENT LIFE (U.S.S.R), Vitaly Kanevsky 45th Anniversary Award HOWARDS END (Brit.), James Ivory Camera d'Or MAC (U.S.), John Turturro Technical Award for Visual and Aural Excellence THE VOYAGE (Argent.), Fernando Solanas

1993 Palme d'Or THE PIANO (Aust.), Jane Campion FAREWELL, MY CONCUBINE (Jap.), Chen Kaige Director Mike Leigh, NAKED (Brit.) Male Performance David Thewlis, NAKED Female Performance Holly Hunter, THE PIANO Grand Jury Prize FARAWAY, SO CLOSE! (Ger.), Wim Wenders Jury Prize RAINING STONES (Brit.), Ken Loach PUPPET MASTERS (Taiwan), Hou Hsiao-hsien Camera d'Or SCENT OF GREEN PAPAYA (Fr.), Tran Anh Hung Camera d'Or Special Mention FRIENDS (S. Africa/Brit.), Elaine Proctor Palme d'Or for Best Short Subject COFFEE AND CIGARETTES: SOMEWHERE IN CALIFORNIA (U.S.), Jim Jarmusch Technical Achievement in Images and Sound—Feature Jean Gargonne and Vincent Arnardi, MAZEPPA (Fr.) Technical Achievement in Images and Sound—Short Grant Lahood, THE SINGING TROPHY (New Zeal.) International Critic's Prize FAREWELL, MY CONCUBINE, Chen Kaige

1994 Palme d'Or PULP FICTION (U.S.), Quentin Tarantino Director Nanni Moretti, CARO DIARIO/DEAR DIARY (Italy) Male Performance Ge You, TO LIVE (China) Female Performance Virna Lisi, QUEEN MARGOT (Fr.) Grand Jury Prize BURNT BY THE SUN (U.S.S.R/Fr.), Nikita Mikhalkov TO LIVE (China), Zhang Yimou Jury Prize QUEEN MARGOT, Patrice Chéreau Jury Prize for Short Film LEMMING AID (New Zeal.) SYRUP (Brit.) Camera d'Or —Feature COMING TO TERMS WITH THE DEAD (Fr.) Camera d'Or Special Attention THE SILENCES OF THE PALACE (Tunisa/Fr.) Palme d'Or for Best Short Subject EL HEROE (Mex.) Technical Prize Pitof, DEAD TIRED International Critics' Prize EXOTICA (Can.), Atom Egoyan BAB ELQUED CITY (Alg.) Critic's Week Jury Prize Feature: CLERKS (U.S.), Kevin Smith Short: PERFORMANCE ANXIETY

1995 Palme d'Or UNDERGROUND, Emir Kusturica Director Mathieu Kassovitz, LA HAINE Female Performance Helen Mirren, THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE Male Performance Jonathan Pryce, CARRINGTON Grand Jury Prize TO VLEMMA TOU ODYSSEA, Theo Angelopoulos Special Jury Prize CARRINGTON, Christopher Hampton Jury Prize N'OUBLIE PAS QUE TU VAS MOURIR, Xavier Beauvois Camera d'Or THE WHITE BALLOON, Jafar Panahi Camera d'Or Special Mention DENISE CALLS UP, Harold Salwen Palme d'Or for Best Short Film GAGARIN, Alexeï Kharitidi Jury Prize for Best Short Film SWINGER, Gregor Jordon Technical Prize Lu Yue, Olivier Chiavassa, Bruno Patin, SHANGHAI TRIAD

1996 Palme d'Or SECRETS AND LIES, Mike Leigh Director Joel and Ethan Coen, FARGO Best Screenplay Jacques Audiard, UN HEROS TRES DISCRET Female Performance Brenda Blethyn, SECRETS AND LIES Joint-Prize for Male Performance Daniel Auteuil and Pascal Duquenne, LE HUITIEME JOUR Grand Jury Prize BREAKING THE WAVES, Lars Von Trier Special Jury Prize CRASH, David Cronenberg Jury Prize SMALL DEATHS, Lynne Ramsay Camera d'Or LOVE SERENADE, Shirley Barrett Palme d'Or for Best Short Film THE WIND/SZEL, Marcell Ivanyi Technical Prize Claude Nuridsany and Marie Perennou, MICROCOSMOS

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