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The Proprietor (1996)
L'Adolescente (1983)
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The Trial (1963)
Jules and Jim (1961)

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Thumbnails 4/29/16

Meryl Streep's tragic romance; Algorithm killed Relativity Media; David Milch stays in the game; Appreciation of "Nine Lives"; Veronica Cartwright on "Alien."


Thumbnails 5/7/15

The Marvel-Industrial Complex; Chatting with Helen Hunt; Top Ten Spielberg Summer Movies; Aboard Frankenheimer's "Train"; Farewell to David Letterman.

Ebert Club

#176 July 17, 2013

Marie writes: Last week, in response to a club member comment re: whatever happened to Ebert Club merchandize (turned out to be too costly to set up) I had promised to share a free toy instead - an amusement, really, offered to MailChimp clients; the mail service used to send out notices. Allow me to introduce you to their mascot...