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#428 March 15, 2022

Matt writes: Last week, presented its 2022 edition of Women Writers Week, featuring remarkable reviews, interviews and essays from essential female writers including our site's publisher Chaz Ebert; Contributing Editor Nell Minow; critics Sheila O'Malley, Christy Lemire, Tomris Laffly; frequent contributors Marya E. Gates, Nandini Balial, Ciara Wardlow; and many others.


Thumbnails 7/4/14

"Life Itself" movie reviews; Frances Dodds on Roger; Filmmaker Magazine interviews Steve James; "Midnight Rider" filmmakers charged; Natural remedy to repel mosquitoes.

Ebert Club

#156 February 20, 2013

Marie writes: As some of you may have heard, a fireball lit up the skies over Russia on February 15, 2013 when a meteoroid entered Earth's atmosphere. Around the same time, I was outside with my spiffy new digital camera - the Canon PowerShot SX260 HS. And albeit small, it's got a built-in 20x zoom lens. I was actually able to photograph the surface of the moon!

(click to enlarge)

Ebert Club

#152 January 23, 2013

Marie writes: Behold the entryway to the Institut Océanographique in Paris; and what might just be the most awesome sculpture to adorn an archway in the history of sculptures and archways. Photo @ pinterest

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Ebert Club

#111 April 18, 2012

Marie writes: Recently, we enjoyed some nice weather and inspired by the sunshine, I headed out with a borrowed video camera to shoot some of the nature trails up on Burnaby Mountain, not far from where I live. I invariably tell people "I live near Vancouver" as most know where that is - whereas Burnaby needs explaining. As luck would have it though, I found a great shot taken from the top of Burnaby Mountain, where you can not only see where I live now but even Washington State across the Canadian/US border...

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Far Flungers

Would you like to see my tattoos?

Is it love at first sight? It's certainly lust at first sight between them in the beginning. Something clicks inside. They soon begin their secret affair, and then, motivated by their common desire to escape from the world they're stuck in, they hatch a scheme to solve their problems once for all. They have a good plan. They can succeed if they carefully tiptoe along the thin line they draw. However, in the world of film noir, it is usually easier said than done.

May contain spoilers