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#378 April 14, 2020

Matt writes: On our annual Day4 Empathy commemorating the passing of Roger Ebert, our site's publisher Chaz Ebert penned a beautiful message wishing readers health, safety and compassion during the COVID-19 pandemic, while managing editor Brian Tallerico republished Roger's reviews of various films that we're watching during the quarantine. I later joined my fellow writers in recommending the films and shows we've been streaming at home (my choice was Hulu's addictive new series "Little Fires Everywhere," starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington).

Ebert Club

#343 December 11, 2018

Matt writes: In order to celebrate five years of Scout Tafoya's acclaimed series of video essays entitled, "The Unloved," we are presenting his new feature-length essay: "Beata Virgo Viscera."


Thumbnails 11/22/2013

The 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination; critical reviews of a critical review of Sarah Silverman's career; Guillermo Del Toro's biggests firsts; an official video for "Like a Rolling Stone"; is Harvey "Scissorhanding" his company's awards site?

Ebert Club

#180 August 14, 2013

Marie writes: Much beloved and a never ending source of amusement, Simon's Cat is a popular animated cartoon series by the British animator Simon Tofield featuring a hungry house cat who uses increasingly heavy-handed tactics to get its owner to feed it. Hand-drawn using an A4-size Wacom Intuos 3 pen and tablet, Simon has revealed that his four cats - called Teddy, Hugh, Jess and Maisie - provide inspiration for the series, with Hugh being the primary inspiration. And there's now a new short titled "Suitcase". To view the complete collection to date, visit Simon's Cat at YouTube.