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#265 November 11, 2015

Sheila writes: With the release of "Spectre," the latest in the James Bond franchise, it's been impossible to avoid the accompanying chatter about 007 in all of his various incarnations. Over on Vox, Phil Edwards and Estelle Caswell got creative and put together a chart of every country James Bond visits in his espionage duties: James Bond’s career, in one map. Along with the chart, there's an accompanying video. It's great, check it out!


Thumbnails 11/17/14

Hollywood's "female stuff" problem; Mike Leigh got John Ruskin all wrong; Update on Lindy Chamberlain; Miyazaki working on manga; Nolan defends "Interstellar" sound.

Far Flungers

A world of apartheid and apartness

Sometimes people learn a hard life lesson about their world when they are young and innocent. Molly, a young white South African girl in "A World Apart" (1988), learns it in a way far more hurtful than usual. She wants her normal comfortable life to resume again, but her world is Johannesburg in the 1960s. She begins to grasp lots of injustices in her world, even while confused and hurt a lot by her parents as well as what happens to her and her family.

May contain spoilers

Festivals & Awards

Oscars: The king vs. the nerds vs. the Rooster

The 2011 Oscar race seems to be shaping up among the King of England, two nerds, and Rooster Cogburn. "The King's Speech," about George VI's struggle to overcome a stammer, led all nominations with 12. The nerds won eight nominations each for "The Social Network," the story of the founder of Facebook, and "Inception," about a man who hacks into other people's dreams. "The Fighter" followed with seven.