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#255 June 24, 2015

Sheila writes: I came across an amusing item in T-Magazine recently and wanted to share it with you all. Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano are a collaborative team who have come up with a culinary/artistic project called "All Food No Play." The duo have designed food items inspired by Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining." Here is a small gallery of their work. My personal favorite is the Grady twins cupcakes, but all are quite creative and entertaining - and, hopefully, delicious!


thumbnails 7/10/2013

How not to react to a deaf person; the fate of libraries in an era of budget cuts and e-books; the best paragraph of The Great Gatsby; un-Google-able band names, and why some bands choose them; interview with Hannibal composer Brian Reitzell; the tyranny of the "money shot" in trailers, and now movies;