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Thumbnails 5/10/16

Woody Allen on "Cafe Society"; Andrew McCarthy on directing TV; Movies about women impossible to finance; Terry Eagleton on Christianity and communism; Anna Karina on Godard.


Thumbnails 9/22/15

Martin Stirling's "Most Shocking Second a Day Video"; Queer films about straight people; Misunderstood "GoodFellas"; Chatting with Steve Kloves; Sex in David Lynch films.


Thumbnails 2/13/15

R.I.P. David Carr; Kanye West: the biggest loser; Popcorn porn: "Fifty Shades" and "Kingsman"; Tilda Swinton's speech at Rothko Chapel; The film that Goebbels feared.


Thumbnails 2/18/14

A career view on Bill Murray; Personally connecting to Her; An editor from The New Yorker waxes poetic on aging, intimacy and death; Long takes on television; and a Hollywood desert land.


Lynn Shelton: Reclaiming the Rom-Com

For serious cinema fans, romantic comedy have become dirty words in the post-Meg Ryan era. That's what makes the films of Seattle-based indie writer-director Lynn Shelton so refreshing: They're romantic and comedic without ever being formulaic.