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Roger Ebert was known as a champion for the unloved films of movie history. After all, he started a film festival built around overlooked films, and he loved talking about those movies that he felt were underappreciated by audiences and critics. Scout Tafoya has continued that tradition with his beloved series of video essays, running over six years and counting. We have assembled all of The Unloved into one portal. Pick your favorites by clicking on the title or the poster, share with your friends, and, most importantly, watch a few of these movies. They deserve your love. -- Brian Tallerico

1. "Alien 3"

2. "John Carter"

3. "The Hudsucker Proxy"

4. "Tron: Legacy"

5. "Ishtar"

6. "Sorcerer"

7. "At Long Last Love"

8. "Pola X"

9. "Transcendence"

10. "The Village"

11. "Bringing Out the Dead"

12. "Phantom of the Paradise"

13. "Public Enemies"

14. "Joe Vs. the Volcano"

15. "The Lone Ranger" & "Heaven's Gate"

16. "The Ward"

17. "The Moth Diaries"

18. "M"

19. "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"

20. "Down with Love" & "The Break-up"

21. "Anonymous"

22. "My Soul to Take"

23. "The Mansion of Madness"

24. "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows"

25. "Big Fan"

26. "Absolute Beginners"

27. "City of Industry"

28. "Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals"

29. "Knight of Cups"

30. "Torn Curtain" & "Topaz"

31. "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me"

32. "Youth Without Youth"

33. "Ride with the Devil"

34. "The Lords of Salem"

35. "Da Sweet Blood of Jesus"

36. "Lisztomania"

37. "Zabriskie Point" & "The Mystery of Oberwald"

38. "Nightbreed"

39. "The Bling Ring"

40. "Rules Don't Apply"

41. "Crash"

42. "Beloved"

43. "Below the Belt" & "Hundra"

44. "Survival of the Dead"

45. "Dark Blue"

46. "The Mangler"

47. "The Assignment"

48. "Margaret"

49. "Mimic"

50. "Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia" & "The Counselor"

51. "Mademoiselle"

52. "Annihilation"

53. "Under the Cherry Moon" & "Sign o' the Times"

54. "Daniel"

55. "Silent Hill"

56. "In the Cut"

57. "The Monster Squad"

58. "Return of the Living Dead 3"

59. "Quintet"

60. "The 15:17 to Paris"

61. "The Predator"

62. "Sweet Movie"

63. "The House That Jack Built"

64. "Jupiter Ascending"

65. "Orphan"

66. "Destroyer"

67. "Mortal Engines"

68. "K-19: The Widowmaker"

69. "Peterloo"

70. "We Are What We Are"

71. "Ravenous"

72. "Solaris"

73. "Deja Vu"

74. "Vigilante"

75. Three Films by The Lonely Island

76. "Juggernaut"

77. "In the Heart of the Sea"

78. "The Siege"

79. "Not Fade Away"

80. "The Eternal

81. "Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

82. "The Relic

83. "Resident Evil: Retribution

84. "Reign of Fire

85. "By the Sea"

86. "Dead Bang

87. "Gerontophilia

88. "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

89. "Restless

90. "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

91. "Sugar and Spice

92. "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman

93. "The Empty Man

94. "Phantom of the Opera"

95. "Castle Keep" 

96. "Hail Mary"

97. "Play It as It Lays"  

98. "I Melt with You"

99. "The Quick and the Dead"

100. "West Side Story"

Scout Tafoya

Scout Tafoya is a critic and filmmaker who writes for and edits the arts blog Apocalypse Now and directs both feature length and short films.

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