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#335 August 21, 2018

Matt writes: Last week, we mourned the death of Aretha Franklin, the inimitable Queen of Soul who left behind a towering legacy of immortal music when she passed away at age 76. Odie Henderson penned a wonderful tribute to the legend, while various contributors at joined Chaz Ebert in offering their own reflections on her extraordinary life and career.


Thumbnails 3/13/14

Tragedy strikes at SXSW; Nebulous platitudes and James Franco; TV actors don't need movies; Connecting The Sopranos and Irreversible; Eviscerating Nymphomaniac: Vol I.


Neil Jordan's Seven Grim Fairy Tales: An Infographic Guide to a Director's Obsessions

This piece is about director Neil Jordan's seven most overtly supernatural, fairy tale-like films—The Company of Wolves, High Spirits, Interview with the Vampire, The Butcher Boy, In Dreams, Ondine, and his latest, the mother-daughter vampire shocker Byzantium. An infographic analysis of each—please refer to the key for each symbol's meaning—reveals this pattern and confirms Byzantium is the culmination of 30+ years of Jordan exorcising his personal demons on-screen.

May contain spoilers