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Women Writers Week 2019: Table of Contents

This week, all of our content on the site is written by women. We'll update this table of contents page with links to new pieces as they go up.


Welcome to Women Writers Week 2019 by Chaz Ebert and Nell Minow 

You Do Not Have to Be Good: On Mary Oliver's Wild Geese by Joyce Kulhawik 

Just Us Girls: The Chatty Chick Flicks of the '90s by Olivia Collette 

Sexualized Innocence: Revisiting The Blue Lagoon by Abbey Bender

Plugging Back into The Matrix, 20 Years Later by Violet LeVoit 

The Oral History of Documentary Now's Co-op Episode by Allison Shoemaker 

Video Interview: Brie Larson, Lashana Lynch, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck on Captain Marvel by Katherine Tulich 

Dark Manipulations on The Silence of the Lambs and Sicario by Valerie Kalfrin 

How Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Killing Eve Invites Us to Live Out Our True-Crime Fantasies by Kristy Puchko 

A Great Endeavor: Todd Douglas Miller on Apollo 11 by Nell Minow 

Nobody's Meat: The Power of Hanna by Laura Bogart 

Thank You, George Cukor and Mitchell Leisen - With Props to Ryan Coogler by Carrie Rickey 

Are You Even Listening? The Middle School Girls of Pen15 and Eighth Grade are Speaking by Sasha Kohan 

22 Years Later, Kasi Lemmons' Eve's Bayou is Still Making an Impact by Whitney Spencer 

The Status of Feminist Film Criticism - A Roundup Report by Jennifer Merin 

How the Image of Black Women Has (And Hasn't) Changed in the Last Two Decades by Carla Renata

Kathryn Bostic on Being the First African-American Female Composer to Join the Academy by Chaz Ebert 

Black Women vs. The End of the World (Again) by Sherin Nicole 

Art, Love, and the Healing Ambiguities of Shirkers by Shelley Farmer

Netflix's Ricky Gervais Series After Life Doesn't Have Enough Reasons to Exist by Allison Shoemaker

PBS' Four-Part Film Series, Women, War & Peace II by Jana Monji

How Clerks and Four Weddings & a Funeral Marked a Turning Point for Female Sexuality in Film by Nell Minow 

The Most Unforgettable Episodes of The Twilight Zone by Jessica Ritchey 


"Captain Marvel" by Christy Lemire

"Gloria Bell" by Sheila O'Malley

"The Kid" by Arielle Bernstein

"An Elephant Sitting Still" by Justine Smith

"Juanita" by Monica Castillo

"Two Plains & a Fancy" by Allison Shoemaker

"3 Faces" by Tomris Laffly

"Black Mother" by Tomris Laffly

"I'm Not Here" by Nell Minow

"Us" by Monica Castillo 


"Call Me By Your Name" by Christy Lemire

"Can You Ever Forgive Me?" by Monica Castillo

"Columbus" by Sheila O'Malley

"45 Years" by Susan Wloszczyna

"Happy as Lazzaro" by Tomris Laffly

"The Last Face" by Christy Lemire

"Metallica Through the Never" by Sheila O'Malley

"Stella's Last Weekend" by Nell Minow

"Support the Girls" by Allison Shoemaker

"Susanne Bartsch: On Top" by Monica Castillo

"Then Came You" by Nell Minow

"The Wild Pear Tree" by Tomris Laffly

"Wonder Woman" by Angelica Jade Bastien

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