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#285 September 20, 2016

Matt writes: Legendary French New Wave icon Agnès Varda was honored at the third annual Ebert Tribute ceremony during this year's Toronto International Film Festival. Brian Tallerico covered the event at, while Chaz Ebert assisted in putting together a Roger Favorites entry on Varda, compiling Roger's reviews of the director's work. Roger felt that Varda's 2008 film, "The Beaches of Agnès," contained “the most poetic shot about the cinema” that he had ever seen, in which “two old fishermen, who were young when she first filmed them, watch themselves on a screen” mounted on “an old market cart that they push through the nighttime streets of their village.”


Thumbnails 3/28/16

Melissa Broder of @SoSadToday; Parker Posey on the boys' club of Hollywood; Legacy of Disney's Mary Blair; Symphonies of steel and stone; Karyn Kusama on "The Invitation."