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The Best Horror Movies of 2019

The Best Horror Films of 2019

The best horror films of 2019 come from all over the world and from a variety of different voices, revealing the strong diversity in the blooming genre. Taken as a whole, the best horror films of 2019 – the horror films we gave 3-4 stars on the site this year – show how much the genre is taking risks and empowering new voices like Mike Flanagan Ari Aster, Issa Lopez, and many more, taking their place alongside veterans like Rob Zombie, Jim Jarmusch, and Claire Denis. There are some obvious choices in this collection – Jordan Peele’s “Us” was going to be on any list of the best horror films of 2019 after it’s SXSW Film Festival premiere and Peter Strickland’s “In Fabric” has been a critical darling for over a year now, but there are also surprises like the “Child’s Play” remake, three chapters of Hulu’s “Into the Dark,” and films that even horror fans may not have heard of yet like “St. Agatha,” “Starfish,” and “The Changeover.” Each poster below links to a full review of that film published on this site the day it was released in theaters or streaming. 

3 from Hell
Black Christmas
Child's Play
Doctor Sleep
High Life
In Fabric
Into the Dark: Pilgrim
Ready or Not
St. Agatha
The Changeover