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Thumbnails 1/12/15

Selma responds to "Selma"; Clooney and red carpet culture; The best art that offends us; Hip-hop isn't a race relations cure-all; Enduring delights of "Duck Soup."


Thumbnails 7/2/14

Remembering Paul Mazursky; "Community" Returns; Revisiting "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me"; Why "The Leftovers" Arrived Stale; Kenneth Anger in conversation with Harmony Korine.

Ebert Club

#38 November 24, 2010

Marie writes: The local Circle Craft Co-operative features the work of hundreds of craftspeople from across British Columbia and each year, a Christmas Market is held downtown at the Vancouver Convention Centre to help sell and promote the work they produce. My friend and I recently attended the 37th Christmas Market and where I spotted these utterly delightful handmade fabric monsters by Diane Perry of "Monster Lab" - one of the artist studios located on Salt Spring Island near Washington's the eyes... they follow you. :-)

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