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Thumbnails 1/14/19

Emma González's confidence; Cost of erasing cyber-reality; Barry Jenkins on "Beale Street"; Becoming parents; Oakton College's pop-up film festival.


Thumbnails 2/2/15

Celebrating "Groundhog Day"; Stop making movies like "Black or White"; The catharsis of "Almost There"; Reflections on sexual abuse; How secular family values stack up.


Thumbnails 6/6/14

The making of "Ghostbusters"; Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn't hate movies; Kenneth Turan's favorite films; Aspiring movie critics in Kenya; American voyeur in Montreal.

Ebert Club

#208 February 26, 2014

Sheila writes: Film noir is one of the richest topics in cinema, and audiences and critics alike have thrilled to its stylistic signatures and deeply ambiguous view of human nature. The site Open Culture just had a piece up on film noir, specifically on Roger Ebert's various words on the subject. Eddie Muller recently published a piece there as well on the 25 noir films that will stand the test of time. Back in 1995, Ebert published a piece that was, essentially, a guide to the film noir genre. Some of my favorite films are film noirs. What are your favorites?