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Article 99 (1992)
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Something Wild (1986)

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#434 June 7, 2022

Matt writes: A true icon of the silver screen, Ray Liotta, died on May 26th at age 67, leaving behind an extraordinary legacy of richly textured performances in both film and television. Though he never received an Oscar nomination, his co-stars who did benefitted immensely from acting opposite him. That is certainly true of Joe Pesci, whose brilliant Oscar-winning turn in Martin Scorsese's "Goodfellas" was enhanced immeasurably by the expressions of Liotta during their infamous restaurant scene.


Movie Namesakes: "No Escape"

A new movie called "No Escape" comes out next week, but there's a 20-year-old movie with the same name you may have forgotten.


Thumbnails 4/27/15

Frank Mosley on "Her Wilderness"; "Goodfellas" is the perfect gangster film; "Ex Machina" and feminism; Amy Schumer on confidence; PTA's 5 types of father figures.