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#426 February 15, 2022

Matt writes: This past weekend, we lost the beloved comedy director Ivan Reitman, who passed away on February 12th at age 75. His death makes the palpable sense of loss in his son's recent blockbuster, "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," feel all the more poignant.

Ebert Club

#268 January 7, 2016

Sheila writes: Happy New Year! In the wake of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," I came across a video put together by violinist Taylor Davis, where she plays the famous themes from John Williams' original score, both "light" and "dark." Arranged, orchestrated and performed by Davis, it's a fun and rousing celebration of the possibilities inherent in that music. Have a look!


Thumbnails 1/5/2016

Decline of middle-class films; Hunter S. Thompson's son speaks out; Tarantino's inner movie nerd must be stopped; Rob Schenck on guns and religion; Jean-Pierre Léaud on "The 400 Blows."