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Thumbnails 8/24/15

Deborah Kampmeier on "Hounddog"; Today's reductive emotional landscape; Not a reboot, a repackaging; Riding tall on a rebellion frontier; When brown actors play white characters.

Ebert Club

#220 May 28, 2014

Sheila writes: I came across a funny video with human re-enactments of moments from Disney films that would seem totally creepy removed from the Disney context. I think my favorite is the Lion King moment, but there are some other really good ones. Enjoy!


Thumbnails 3/10/14

"True Detective" finale; coverage of the True/False film festival; the case against Wes Anderson; a case for Wes Anderson; inside the mind of a psychopath


Thumbnails 8/22/2013

Disney tries to win over gamers; Syria's fog of chemical war; a Bechdel Test for LGBT characters; the series HBO was considering over "The Sopranos"; Wallace Stroby on Elmore Leonard's legacy.