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Black Writers Week 2024: Table of Contents

The following table of contents features all new articles published during Black Writers Week 2024 (June 17th through June 23rd). —The Editors


The Bikeriders by Robert Daniels

Black Barbie by Carla Renata

Chestnut by Sarah-Tai Black

Copa 71 by Peyton Robinson

The Exorcism by Charles Kirkland, Jr.

Fancy Dance by Jourdain Searles

Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person by Rendy Jones

Hummingbirds by Travis Hopson

Naked Acts by Niani Scott

She Rises Up by Peyton Robinson

Slave Play. Not a Movie. A Play. by Brandon Towns

Thelma by Brandon David Wilson

Trigger Warning by Robert Daniels

What Remains by Craig D. Lindsey


Introduction to Black Writers Week 2024 by Robert Daniels & Chaz Ebert

What My Mother Didn’t Tell Me About College by Reginald Ponder

Co-Productions within Africa and its Diaspora Can Encourage Self-Reliant and Sustainable Film Economies by Oluwaseun Babalola

Film Festivals: A Place For Found Family & Cultivating Community by Cortlyn Kelly

Understanding Grief in Rural Canada Through Hulu's Under the Bridge by Kaiya Shunyata

How Women of Color Are Shifting the Narrative by Carla Renata

The LightReel Film Festival Finishes Strong by Charles Kirkland

It's Physical Work: Barry Jenkins on The Underground Railroad by Robert Daniels

You Ready To Be the King?: Fresh Turns 30 by Mack Bates

Orphan Black: Echoes Stumbles Under the Weight of Its Predecessor by Kaiya Shunyata

Have An Original Screenplay? Write it as a Novel! by Doreen Spicer-Dannelly

Juneteenth Film Festival Returns For A Powerful Second Year by Shawn Edwards

The Case for a Content Warning for Bad Policing by Eric Pierson

Catching a Blackfamous White Whale on Broadway: Purlie Victorious Comes Home by Odie Henderson

Hollywood Continues to Fail Its Black Final Girls by Kaiya Shunyata

GTA San Andreas and the Legacy of Playing as a Black Guy in Video Games by Lance R. Williams

Producing Visual Anthropology by Ife Olatunji

Robert Daniels & Odie Henderson Talk Wild Wild West at 25 by Robert Daniels & Odie Henderson

What is the Dune of Your Dreams: Holding Time and Space for Quinta, Ego, Maya, Kristen, Michelle, and Renée by Sherin Nicole

The Growing Exploration of Masculinity and Vulnerability in Media by Brandon Towns

The Shield vs. The Wire by David Moses

Black Out: The Disappearance of Black Couples in Advertising by Reginald Ponder

It's About Reshaping: David Kirkman on Underneath: The Children of the Sun by Shawn Edwards

Donald Sutherland: The Consummate Character Actor by Bijan Bayne

Marvel's Black Villain Era by Brandon David Wilson

Albany Road Interview: Christine Swanson and Renée Elise Goldsberry by Christine Swanson

Willie Mays: The Greatest to Ever Play by Robert Daniels


Beyoncé and My Daughter Love Country Music by Chaz Ebert

She Knew: The Women of Science Fiction Who Predicted the Future by Sherin Nicole

At the Movies: Clarenfreud by Chaz Ebert

Has The Needle Moved on the Impact of Women in Cinema for 2023? by Carla Renata

We'll Be Together: A Personal Reflection of Bob Marley: One Love by Niani Scott

Why Closer Still Matters Two Decades After Its Release | Features by Jourdain Searles

Where’s My Black Girlhood?: The Whitewashing of the Femme Boom by Peyton Robinson

Juneteenth Becomes Our Nation's Second Official Independence Day by Chaz Ebert

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