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Black Writers Week 2023: Table of Contents

The following table of contents features all articles published during Black Writers Week 2023 (June 19th through June 25th), arranged in the following categories: intros, features, interviews, reviews, TV reviews, republished features, republished interviews and republished reviews. —The Editors


An Introduction to Black Writers Week 2023 by Chaz Ebert

Meet the Writers of Black Writers Week 2023 by Chaz Ebert


American Black Film Festival: Black Barbie, Gaining Ground, Higher Power by Niani Scott

American Black Film Festival Highlights by Niani Scott

Black Animation and Me: Where We Came From and Where We're Going by Rendy Jones

Embracing Life With Your Children Abroad by André Hammel

Feeling Scene: The Magnetism of Black Punks on Screen by Sherin Nicole

From Despair to Hope: A Costly Phantom Mercury Contamination Scare in the Scarboro Community by Al Chambles

Horror Movies and The Fate of the Black Man by Charles Kirkland Jr.

The Journey of a Black Film Critic: Breaking Barriers, Inspiring Change by Reginald Ponder

Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All and the Inescapable Desire to Belong by Kaiya Shunyata

An Origin Story for a Gamer Dad and a Gamer Son by Lance R. Williams

Redacting Racism: Some Thoughts on Race-Blind Casting by Brandon Wilson

Rise of the Beats: On Hip-Hop and Hollywood by Shawn Edwards

Sweet Home Chicago Series for Juneteenth: Celebrating Graduates of 2023 by Chaz Ebert

Trust Your Gut: The Role of Conscience in Horror by Peyton Robinson

Welcome to Decoy Games by Jewel Ifeguni

What Now: The Creative Potential in the End of the Superhero Craze by Brandon Towns

When Angela Bassett Found Her Inner Tina Turner by Mack Bates


Bijan Bayne on His New Book, Black Trailblazers: 30 Courageous Visionaries Who Broke Boundaries, Made a Difference, and Paved the Way by Chaz Ebert

Jumanji Meets Saw: DeWayne Perkins on The Blackening by Robert Daniels

Speak Up: Lashana Lynch on Ear for Eye by Robert Daniels 

Sweet Home Chicago Series for Juneteenth: Video Interview with Filmmaker Mark Harris by Sonia Smith-Evans


Desperate Souls, Dark City and the Legend of Midnight Cowboy by Charles Kirkland Jr.

God is a Bullet by Robert Daniels

I'm a Virgo by Peyton Robinson

The Last Rider by Craig D. Lindsey 

Lonely Castle in the Mirror by Rendy Jones

No Hard Feelings by Rendy Jones

Revoir Paris by Jourdain Searles

Sheroes by Carla Renata

The Stroll by Brandon Towns

Surrounded by Peyton Robinson

World's Best by Brandon Wilson


FX's The Bear Continues to Reach for Greatness by Robert Daniels

Marvel’s Secret Invasion Continues the Franchise’s Dull Slate by Kaiya Shunyata


Considering John Ford's 'Apology Western,' Sergeant Rutledge by Sergio Mims

Dignified Defiance: Sidney Poitier (1927-2022) by Robert Daniels

Goodbye to a Legend: Tina Turner (1939-2023) by Brandon Wilson

In Loving Memory of Diahanne Carroll and Jessye Norman by Chaz Ebert

The Most—and Least—Fun I've Had at the Movies All Year by Chaz Ebert

Stigmatization of Mental Health for Black Men Permeates Cinematic Landscape by Carla Renata

Tamron Hall's As the Wicked Watch: The First Jordan Manning Novel to Become a TV Series by Chaz Ebert


Answering the Call: J.D. Dillard on Devotion by Rendy Jones

His Life Mattered: Director Nadia Hallgren and Attorney Ben Crump on CIVIL by Chaz Ebert


Apples by Jourdain Searles

The African Desperate by Peyton Robinson

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster by Peyton Robinson

Beba by Niani Scott

The Blackening by Peyton Robinson

Devotion by Robert Daniels

I Got a Monster by Carla Renata

Kaepernick & America by Brandon Towns

Lost Ollie by Rendy Jones

Rye Lane by Peyton Robinson

Sisu by Robert Daniels

White Men Can't Jump by Robert Daniels

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