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Thumbnails 5/30/2014

Misogyny, entitlement and nerds; Steve Coogan vs. "Top Gear"; Why you can't see "Porgy and Bess"; Robert De Niro remembers his father; Why attacks on Douglas Laycock are bad for academia.


Thumbnails 4/3/14

Two visions of Metropolis; Movies with women in main roles make more money; Domestic violence in The Long Goodbye; An interview with Thelma Schoonmaker; Dissecting male violence and beginning a conversation that needs to be had.

Ebert Club

#213 April 2, 2014

Sheila writes: Filmmaker IQ has put together a fascinating "15 minute history of the movie trailer", which takes us through the earliest trailers from the beginnings of show business up until the present day. It's so well done! Enjoy!


Cutting the Basterds

After the devastating news of Sally Menke's death last week, I read some moving and heartfelt tributes to her... and yet, some of them didn't seem to understand what an editor actually does, or what made Menke's work in particular so remarkable.

I suppose just about anybody could string together a rough assembly of a movie. All you have to do is follow the script and put things in the right order, as Sir Edwin, the great Shakespearean actor played by John Cleese, said of words in a play: "Old Peter Hall used to say to me, 'They're all there Eddie, now we've got to get them in the right order.'"


Leonardo DiCaprio: 'I like characters who aren't always what they seem'

"Shutter Island," which opens Friday, is the fourth film Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese have made together, and the most unexpected. It's not a biopic ("The Aviator") or a modern gangster movie ("The Departed") or a historical gangster movie ("Gangs of New York"). It securely occupies that most American of genres, the film noir -- the dark film, the film that takes place in the shadows of human nature.