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"When is a Joke Too Soon?"Peter McGraw and Joel Warner at Slate conduct a scientific study as to when a joke is socially considered "too soon".

"In the middle of 2001, the satirical newspaper The Onion moved its operation from its hometown of Madison, Wis., to New York City. This was a big break for the publication, and the staff was especially excited to put out their first issue from their new headquarters. It was scheduled to be published on Sept. 11, 2001."


"His Life, According to Jim": Prolific character Jim Rebhorn passed away this past weekend. For St. Paul Lutheran Church, he wrote his own beautiful obituary. 

"James Robert Rebhorn was born on Sept. 1, 1948, in Philadelphia, PA. His mother, Ardell Frances Rebhorn, nee Hoch, loved him very much and supported all his dreams. She taught him the value of good manners and courtesy, and that hospitality is no small thing. His father, James Harry Rebhorn, was no less devoted to him. From him, Jim learned that there is no excuse for poor craftsmanship. A job well done rarely takes more or less time than a job poorly done. They gave him his faith and wisely encouraged him to stay in touch with God." 


"Disney to buy Youtube network Maker Studios for $500 Million": At Reuters, Ronald Glover reports that Walt Disney Co has decided to embark on a new business venture. 

"The Walt Disney Co has agreed to buy Maker Studios, one of YouTube's largest networks, for $500 million, a deal that makes Disney a major online video distributor and should help draw more teens into the Disney entertainment empire. 

The price tag could rise to $950 million if Maker hits certain performance milestones, Disney said, confirming what a source told Reuters earlier on Monday."



"How 'The Good Wife' Handles Indignity of Sudden Death": The latest episode of The Good Wife has certainly left an impact on its viewers. Think Progress' Nichole Perkins analyzes the art of the sudden death.

"It’s been news for a while that Josh Charles had a different type of contract for his role as Will Gardner on The Good Wife. Last year, he signed on for a fifth season, and with the show’s recent renewal for a sixth, there was plenty of room to wonder what would happen to Will. The show dropped clues about Lockhart/Gardner maybe opening an office in New York, and it seemed possible that Will would head off to the Big Apple. But last night’s episode, “Dramatics, Your Honor,” answered that question with a finality that left fans devastated. Once the emotional reactions are out of the way, it’s clear to see that The Good Wife has done yet another good job of handling a difficult situation- the indignity of sudden death."


"Episode #1 - From Puppets Shows to Makhmalbaf": Toronto-based critics Tina Hassannia and Amir Soltani have come together to create The Hello Cinema Podcast, a monthly program entirely dedicated to Iranian cinema. 

"Welcome to the first episode of The Hello Cinema Podcast, the monthly show dedicated to discussing Iranian cinema. This episode is hosted by Tina Hassannia and Amir Soltani. We spend the first half introducing ourselves and outlining our personal experiences in discovering cinema and Iranian film. We discuss the popular Iranian TV puppet show Redhat and Cousin, Michelangelo Antonioni's Blowupand all other formative experiences in between."

Image of the Day

Jodie Foster, Robert de Niro and Martin Scorsese on the set of Taxi Driver, circa 1975. Image retrieved from the @HistoryInPics Twitter account. 

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A classic scene from Goodfellas. Poor spider. Read more about Thelma Schoonmaker's collaboration with Martin Scorsese at The Dissolve.

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