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Thumbnails 2/11/16

Why "The Revenant" was hard for me; Joanna Coates and Daniel Metz on "Amorous"; Scorsese's "The Age of Innocence"; Horror films are scarier than in the past; Teaching VR filmmaking.


Thumbnails 2/20/14

An essay on the "Before" series; Quality undistributed films; Art that defines generations; Negative reviews of best pictures nominees; The failings of RoboCop.

Festivals & Awards

Seduced by Sonoma

As Roger Ebert noted in February, film festivals have become so ubiquitous that there's almost certainly one within driving distance of most film fans in the US. And lots of them are sprouting world-wide. Three years ago, I'd pitched Roger with an "FFC" piece on the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. He advised that I provide a sense of the town and its atmosphere, the people, as well as what the festival itself was like.