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Thumbnails 9/28/18

Rescuing "The Other Side of the Wind"; Why Elaine May is a National Treasure; In praise of "Bull"; A decade of Lady Gaga; Why Saying "Me Too" Isn't Enough.


Thumbnails 10/9/15

R.I.P. Chantal Akerman; Colin Healey on "Homemakers"; Rick Moranis isn't retired; Taking a stand against sexism in Hollywood; Eli Roth on "Knock Knock."


Thumbnails 4/23/15

The state of female directors in Hollywood; Legacy of "Goodfellas"; "Year of women" at box office; What Dogme 95 did for women directors; Chuck Norris vs. Communism.


Thumbnails 1/30/15

The epic uncool of Philip Seymour Hoffman; How "Selma" got smeared; The fantasy fueling "Sniper"'s popularity; Paradise in Palm Springs; Looking back at "Before Sunrise."


Thumbnails 12/19/14

Hollywood's toxic addiction to franchises; Looking back on "Wolf of Wall Street"; "Avatar" left no pop culture footprint; Elf on the Shelf is dangerous; North Korea is not funny.


Thumbnails 10/2/14

"Outlander" and TV's sexual revolution; Chatting with John Carpenter; When cinema stops making sense; "The Simpsons"/"Family Guy" crossover; Soderbergh's "The Knick."


Thumbnails 8/4/14

A supporting actress smackdown; 25 essential short films; Scorsese on story vs. plot; "Guardians" needs more faith in itself; Warren, Jerry & Carlos Danger.