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#479 March 5, 2024

Matt writes: It was on February 28th, 2014, that publisher Chaz Ebert gave me the green light to publicly announce that I had been hired to join her team.

Ebert Club

#477 February 6, 2024

Matt writes: This past Groundhog Day, February 2nd, in Chicago, actor and filmmaker Harold Ramis was celebrated by members of his beloved 1993 classic, "Groundhog Day," at a special public event honoring the tenth anniversary of his passing.


Thumbnails 2/2/15

Celebrating "Groundhog Day"; Stop making movies like "Black or White"; The catharsis of "Almost There"; Reflections on sexual abuse; How secular family values stack up.


Thumbnails 2/27/14

Stephen Tobolowsky remembers Harold Ramis; Alec Baldwin says goodbye to public life; A snipe at Jared Leto and his performance in Dallas Buyers Club; Jimmy Fallon is not funny.

Ebert Club

#23 August 11, 2010

From the Grand Poobah: Time passes twice now, first as real time, then as remembrance of things past, as I search my memory for my memoir. As my eyes lift up from my keyboard, they stare sightlessly straight ahead and old faces and places pass in review. So I take a photo of where I'm looking, in order to record what I see. When the picture was taken, Gene and I were in the Brown Derby at Disney World while taping an Oscar special; I'd like to say I have no idea of who came up with the idea for that composition, but I do, and it was yours faithfully, the Poobah.

(click to enlarge and read book spines; smile.)