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Thumbnails 8/12/15

Meryl Streep performances ranked; Malick and the tao of the sojourning soul; Soderbergh and sex at the movies; Resurrection of America's slums; Pleasures of Blumhouse films.


Thumbnails 7/17/15

The pink ghetto of social media; Phil Joanou on Ennio Morricone; "Driving Miss Daisy" and "Do the Right Thing"; Memories of "Quick Change"; The Judy Greer effect.


Thumbnails 8/15/14

There's nothing selfish about suicide; "Garden State" does not hold up; Looking back at "The Abyss"; America is not for black people; The problem with "Persecuted."

Far Flungers


The new science fiction action film from Bong Joon-ho ("The Host," "Mother") defies the odds by turning yet another dystopian future into something thrilling and distinctive.

May contain spoilers

Ebert Club

#172 June 19, 2013

Marie writes: Widely regarded as THE quintessential Art House movie, "Last Year at Marienbad" has long since perplexed those who've seen it; resulting in countless Criterion-esque essays speculating as to its meaning whilst knowledge of the film itself, often a measure of one's rank and standing amongst coffee house cinephiles. But the universe has since moved on from artsy farsty French New Wave. It now prefers something braver, bolder, more daring...