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Sundance 2020: Table of Contents

The following Table of Contents includes our coverage of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, as written by Brian Tallerico, Nick Allen, Tomris Laffly, Robert Daniels, Carlos Aguilar, and Monica Castillo.

"The 40-Year-Old Version"

"Acasa, My Home"



"Bad Hair"

"Beast Beast"

"Be Water"

"Black Bear"

"Blast Beat"

"Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets"

"Boys State"

"Charm City Kings"

"'City So Real"

"The Climb"

"Coded Bias"

"Dick Johnson is Dead"

"Dinner in America"

"The Dissident"


"Dream Horse"

"The Evening Hour"



"Farewell Amor"

"The Father"

"Feels Good Man"

"Four Good Days"

"The Glorias"

"The Go-Go's"

"Happy Happy Joy Joy"


"High Tide"


"His House"

"Horse Girl"


"Into the Deep"



"The Killing of Two Lovers"

"La Leyenda Negra"

"La Llorona"


"The Last Shift"

"The Last Thing He Wanted"

"Lost Girls"

"Love Fraud"


"Miss Americana"

"Miss Juneteenth"

"The Nest"

"The Night House"

"Nine Days"

"Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always"

"The Nowhere Inn"

"Omniboat: A Fast Boat Fantasia

"On the Record"

"Once Upon a Time in Venezuela"

"Palm Springs"

"The Painter and the Thief"


"Promising Young Woman"


"Run Sweetheart Run"

"Save Yourselves!"


"Siempre, Luis"

"The Social Dilemma"



"Summer White"


"Sylvie's Love"


"Te Llevo Conmigo (I Carry You With Me)

"A Thousand Cuts"


"Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made"

"Uncle Frank"


"Wander Darkly"

"Welcome to Chechnya"





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