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Thumbnails 8/15/18

Austin Pendleton and Ann Whitney on "Calumet"; Keeping up with Hugh Grant; Score-only version of "The Last Jedi"; David and Lauren Hogg's new book; Problem with seeking the best for your kids.

Ebert Club

#315 November 14, 2017

Matt writes: The twentieth anniversary of Ebertfest, the film festival co-founded by Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Roger Ebert and his wife Chaz Ebert at the University of Illinois, College of Media, is slated to run from Wednesday, April 18th, through Sunday, April 22nd, next year. Passes for the festival are now on sale at the official sites of Ebertfest and its main venue, The Virginia Theatre, 203 W. Park Ave., Champaign, Illinois.


Thumbnails 10/13/17

Highlights of CIFF 2017; Frances McDormand's Difficult Women; Interview with Sananda Maitreya; Denis Villeneuve on "Blade Runner 2049"; Crimes of Harvey Weinstein.


Thumbnails 5/22/17

Bobbi Jene Smith on "Bobbi Jene"; Influence of Bentonville Film Festival; Are Midnight Movies Dead?; Diving into "Henry Gamble's Birthday Party"; In praise of "Certain Women."


Thumbnails 3/17/17

Stephen Cone on "Personal Shopper"; Jack C. Newell on "Open Tables"; Not-so-secret life of Terrence Malick; Studio Ghibli's girl power; Éric Rohmer's battle of the sexes.


Thumbnails 8/9/16

Issue doc aesthetics; Amy S. Weber on "A Girl Like Her"; The original underclass; Sheriff of Babylon captivates war vet; Why "Point Break" still delivers.


Thumbnails 2/24/16

Rooney Mara regrets "Pan"; U.S. military paper brands hijabs "passive terrorism"; Lena Dunham on Kesha; How Louis CK saved cinema; Harrison Ford's best non-Lucas films.


Thumbnails 7/10/15

How women get a raw deal in Hollywood; The end of The Dissolve; Millennial poverty and its roots; Misplaced nostalgia for "The Graduate"; Tom Hanks at his finest.


Thumbnails 6/12/15

Director and cast of "Henry Gamble's Birthday Party"; Genius of Ornette Coleman; Richard Brody on "Heaven Knows What"; Critics flunk "Ferris Bueller"; "Inside Out" director Pete Docter.