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The Best Television of 2020

A feature on the best television of 2020, as chosen by five TV critics.


Thumbnails 4/2/15

Jim Hemphill on "The Trouble with the Truth"; 1980s Atlanta as a backdrop of the future; How to make Blu-rays relevant again; Recreating Klimt; In defense of Trevor Noah.


Thumbnails 1/9/15

Rise of the black British actor in America; The gaze of "Foxcatcher"; Chris Kyle was a hate-filled killer; Sophia Takal on "The Lego Movie"; Sorry celebrities, the TCA does not clap.


Thumbnails 7/28/14

Roger Ebert's legacy; The decline of Woody Allen; The history of TMZ; Lawsuit filed to prove 'Happy Birthday' is in the public domain; Harassment at Comic-Con.


Thumbnails 5/9/2014

Movies aren't math; Zac Efron's blank face fuels "Neighbors"; How critics should cover the increasing number of movies getting released; "House of Cards" vs. "Veep"; John Oliver's professorial satire.