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Thumbnails 7/31/15

How we process movies in 2015; Top Ten Pixar Movies; Christopher McQuarrie on Minnelli and more; Dangers of auteur TV; Dorothy Arzner retrospective at UCLA.


Thumbnails 7/6/15

Ta-Nehisi Coates writes letter to his son; Robert Frank: the man who saw America; Pizzolatto vs. Fukunaga; Scorsese on "The Third Man"; Dietrich Brüggemann on "Heil."

Far Flungers

"Those lucky bastards!"

I told Roger it would take me 48 hours to review "Sin Nombre" and yet hours turned to days and days to months, and I still had not reviewed it. Scratch that. I did write four reviews, but not a satisfactory one. The first review was too much about my views on immigration and didn't elaborate much on the film. The second was the other way around. The third was about how the film was great based on the way it was shot. That one was too technical. The fourth review was too personal; a review should be about the

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The best films of 2009

Since Moses brought the tablets down from the mountain, lists have come in tens, not that we couldn't have done with several more commandments. Who says a year has Ten Best Films, anyway? Nobody but readers, editors, and most other movie critics. There was hell to pay last year when I published my list of Twenty Best. You'd have thought I belched at a funeral. So this year I have devoutly limited myself to exactly ten films.