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Thumbnails 8/16/16

Gaite Jansen on "Supernova"; Memories of Professor Scorsese; Bérénice Bejo on France's year of terror; "Tin Cup" Oral History; Confessions of a Pokémon Go Grinch.

Far Flungers

Get Shorty

It is a jungle out there in Hollywood, and "Get Shorty" presents the various kinds of animals residing at the lower strata of that jungle through a pungent but cheerful satire about one nutty pre-production process.

Ebert Club

#165 May 1, 2013

Marie writes: Intrepid club member Sandy Khan has sent us the following awesome find, courtesy of a pal in Belgium who'd first shared it with her. "Got Muck?" was filmed by diver Khaled Sultani (Emirates Diving Association's (EDA) in the Lembeh Strait, off the island coast of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Camera: Sony Cx550 using Light & Motion housing and sola lights. Song: "man with the movie camera" by cinematic orchestra.

Ebert Club

#41 December 15, 2010

From the Grand Poobah: Netflix is great, but they don't have everything and seem to be weak on silent films. Here's a pay site streaming a large and useful selection of high-quality films, world-wide....

Marie writes: when Roger told me about this place, I signed-up to see if I could watch one their free movies? Yup! I can stream MUBI in Canada; though content will vary depending on where you live (that's also case with Netflix Canada) and so nothing new there. And after looking through their current catalog, I can report that they do indeed have some rare movies - stuff I've never found anywhere else. I even read that Martin Scorcese is a member.


Fortune Smiles on Eastwood as He Heads into 'Line of Fire'

AUSTIN, Texas Now that the dust has settled after the early summer blockbusters - after Stallone, Spielberg and Schwarzenegger - Clint Eastwood is poised for his run at the box office. "In the Line of Fire," his new suspense thriller (opening Friday), is his first film since "Unforgiven," which brought him long-overdue Oscars.