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#221 June 4, 2014

Announcement: We have some exciting news for Ebert Club members. Chaz has been working with Google to create a Google Hangout for, and we are thrilled to share that it is close to launching. Google Hangout will be the place where members can have discussions and online interaction in real time about various topics. Our first subject of discussion will be Steve James' acclaimed documentary about Roger called "Life Itself," (scheduled to open in America on July 4, 2014). We want to invite all Ebert Club members to join in, and there will be a special meet-up in Google Hangout (date to be determined, but it will be soon) to have an online discussion about the film.We will keep you posted about any special online discussions that will be held there, and will also let you know the date of the discussion for "Life Itself."So what do you all need to do? It's very simple: All you need to do is sign up for a Google Plus account. If you already have a Google email account, then you're all set. Getting a Google email account is not only simple, it's free! Please let us know if you have any questions about it.

Sorry for the abbreviated newsletter this week. We thought it would be best to highlight the Google Hangout announcement. You'll see new trailers below! We will be in touch with more information when it is available. And we look forward to "hanging out" with you in Google Hangout!Best,Sheila O'Malley


Larry Sanders: Changing television and changing lives

August, 2012, marks the 20th anniversary of the debut of "The Larry Sanders Show," episodes of which are available on Netflix Instant, Amazon Instant, iTunes, and DVD. This is the third and final part of Edward Copeland's extensive tribute to the show, including interviews with many of those involved in creating one of the best-loved comedies in television history. Part 1 (Ten Best Episodes) is here and Part 2 (The show behind the show) is here.

A related article about Bob Odenkirk and his characters, Stevie Grant and Saul Goodman (on "Breaking Bad"), is here.

by Edward Copeland

"It was an amazing experience," said Jeffrey Tambor. "I come from the theater and it was very, very much approached like theater. It was rehearsed and Garry took a long, long time in casting and putting that particular unit together." In a phone interview, Tambor talked about how Garry Shandling and his behind-the-scenes team selected the performers to play the characters, regulars and guest stars, on "The Larry Sanders Show" when it debuted 20 years ago. Shandling chose well throughout the series' run and -- from the veteran to the novice, the theater-trained acting teacher and character actor to the comedy troupe star in his most subtle role -- they all tend to feel the way Tambor does: "It changed my career. It changed my life."

Ebert Club

#106 March 14, 2012

Marie writes: It's official. I have died and gone to heaven. For here below, as part of an ongoing series exploring Britain's architectural wonders, the Observer's architecture critic Rowan Moore, introduces a spectacular interactive 360-degree panoramic photograph of "The grand staircase in the St Pancras Renaissance hotel" - which I regard as one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture I have ever seen. I adore this building and always will; it's the stuff of dreams. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Go here to explore a 360 panoramic view of the grand staircase!

Ebert Club

#100 February 1, 2012

Marie writes: While writer Brian Selznick was doing research for his book "The Invention of Hugo Cabret", he discovered the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia had a very old automaton in their collection. And although it wasn't one of machines owned by Georges Melies, it was remarkably similar and with a history akin to the one he'd created for the automaton in The Invention of Hugo Cabret...