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Thumbnails 12/19/14

Hollywood's toxic addiction to franchises; Looking back on "Wolf of Wall Street"; "Avatar" left no pop culture footprint; Elf on the Shelf is dangerous; North Korea is not funny.


Thumbnails 8/21/14

Roderick Heath on "We Are the Best!"; The whiplash of journalism; Hollywood's secret sequel economy; Chatting with Seth Meyers; Kirk Douglas on Lauren Bacall.


Thumbnails 4/10/14

The evolution of video games; Looking back at Christopher Evan Welch; Tina Fey and Amy Poehler team upl No more expert reviews; Info on Inherent Vice.


Thumbnails 12/12/2013

A.O. Scott says movies aren't dead; John Waters says kids shouldn't write to Santa; David Simon says there are two Americas; Keith Phipps says 2013 movies go "boom"; Vulture says movies with "America" in the title go "boom," too.


Thumbnails 12/4/2013

New York Film Critics Circle deems "American Hustle" best picture; the Oscar documentary shortlist; the earning potential fo the regional film festival circuit; Ted Hope's 30 really bad things in the indie film biz; Buffalo's remaining movie theater may go dark.