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Thumbnails 11/18/2013

Death to the death of criticism; Pussy Riot's Nadezhda's letters to a political philosopher; was Marvel's New Universe ever all that?; Doris Lessing's legacy; a CinemaScore F-estival.

Roger Ebert

The man with his name

What exactly happened when Clint Eastwood was onstage at the Republican National Convention? The one thing we can agree on was that it was unexpected--by the Republicans, by the audience, perhaps even by Eastwood, who we now know was ad-libbing. It takes brass balls to ad-lib for 12 minutes in front of 30 million people on live TV, just working with yourself and an empty chair.


Julia Sweeney puts her pain in perspective

When she found out her brother Mike had cancer, Julia Sweeney dealt with that fact in different ways. One was to have her brother move into her house so she could care for him. Another was to talk about it every Sunday night in a comedy club.


Interview with Walter Matthau

HOLLYWOOD - It's this great big movie set with a tiny little girl in the middle of it. The set is an extravaganza on the back lot of Universal Studios, and it's supposed to look like a wire room for a bookie operation. It does.