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Brittany Runs a Marathon

Far from being just a simple comedy about fitness and weight loss, Brittany’s journey includes the healing and forgiveness it takes to really meet those…

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Overcomer isn't for an audience that cares about being told a story. It's aimed at an audience that doesn't mind too much if a story…

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Ballad of Narayama

"The Ballad of Narayama" is a Japanese film of great beauty and elegant artifice, telling a story of startling cruelty. What a space it opens…

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- Mark Dujsik
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Angel Has Fallen
- Simon Abrams
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Give Me Liberty
- Matt Fagerholm
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Tigers Are Not Afraid
- Brian Tallerico
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Jacob's Ladder
- Brian Tallerico
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Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool
- Nick Allen
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Vita & Virginia
- Brian Tallerico
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- Sheila O'Malley
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Hot Air
- Nick Allen
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Friedkin Uncut
- Matt Zoller Seitz
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- Brian Tallerico
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- Simon Abrams


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Buy What Showtime is Selling in On Becoming a God in Central Florida

A review of Showtime's great On Becoming a God in Central Florida.

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Chaz's Journal

Ain't I a Woman: Sojourner Truth Takes Her Rightful Place in History Among the Statues in Central Park

An article about the inclusion of Sojourner Truth on Central Park's suffragette statue.

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Balder and Dash

The Story of Richard Williams and His Unfinished Fairy Tale, The Thief and the Cobbler

A tribute to the late Canadian-British animator Richard Williams, and an ode to his unfinished fairy tale, The Thief and the Cobbler.

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Balder and Dash

On Jacqueline Audry's Newly Restored Lost Queer Cinema Classic, Olivia

Audry’s work challenged social constructs dictating how a woman should behave and desire, in part motivated by how she was treated within the industry.

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Balder and Dash

Bright Wall/Dark Room August 2019: A Treadmill to Nowhere By Julia Selinger

The August excerpt from BWDR is on Clue.

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Far Flungers

One, Two, Three: A wild Cold War farce from Wilder and Cagney

A reappreciation of a Billy Wilder classic.

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Son of the father: Peter Fonda, 1940-2019

From a childhood of pain, a lifetime of art.

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Mindhunter Stakes Claim as Netflix’s Best Drama

A review of Netflix's brilliant Mindhunter.

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Viveik Kalra on Blinded by the Light, Discovering Bruce Springsteen, What's Next and More

An interview with Viveik Kalra, who makes his feature acting debut in the Bruce Springsteen-inspired film, Blinded by the Light.

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Netflix’s Docu-series The Family Offers History Lesson but Lacks Insight

A review of the new hit Netflix docu-series, The Family.

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Disappointing Why Women Kill Can’t Settle on a Tone

A review of a new CBS All Access series from the creator of Desperate Housewives.

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Festivals & Awards

Ava DuVernay, Ryan Murphy, Jharrel Jerome and CBS Win Big at Inaugural AAFCA TV Honors Ceremony

An article about the inaugural AAFCA TV Honors ceremony held last Sunday, August 11th, in Marina Del Rey.