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Ad Astra

This is rare, nuanced storytelling, anchored by one of Brad Pitt’s career-best performances and remarkable technical elements on every level. It’s a special film.

Where's My Roy Cohn?

"Homosexuals have AIDS. I have liver cancer." That corrosive line from Tony Kushner's acclaimed play "Angels in America" is delivered by the character of Roy Cohn,…

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Ballad of Narayama

"The Ballad of Narayama" is a Japanese film of great beauty and elegant artifice, telling a story of startling cruelty. What a space it opens…

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Where's My Roy Cohn?
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Festivals & Awards

TIFF 2019: Table of Contents

A hub for all of our TIFF 2019 content.

Festivals & Awards

TIFF 2019: A Personal Look at the Changing Face of the Toronto International Film Festival

An interview with Cameron Bailey and Joana Vicente, co-heads of the Toronto International Film Festival, and a personal reflection from a longtime veteran of the event.

Festivals & Awards

Venice 2019: Table of Contents

A hub for all of our content from the 2019 Venice Film Festival.

Festivals & Awards

Ebert Symposium 2019 Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month with Filmmaker Gregory Nava and Stacy L. Smith, Founder of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

An article about the second Ebert Symposium scheduled for Friday, September 27th in Champaign, Illinois, with special guests including "El Norte" filmmaker Gregory Nava and Dr. Stacy L. Smith, founder of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative.

Balder and Dash

Roger Ebert's Celebration of Hispanic FIlmmakers

A compilation of some of Roger's reviews, celebrating the work of Hispanic filmmakers.


I Get a Kick Out of Entertaining People: Robert Shaye, Founder of New Line Cinema and Unique Features, on Directing his Third Film, Ambition

Chaz Ebert interviews Robert Shaye, founder of New Line Cinema and Unique Features about directing his third film, "Ambition."

Festivals & Awards

TIFF 2019: The Audition, Pelican Blood, The Whistlers

A dispatch from Toronto on three foreign films.


Pablo Larraín and Mariana Di Girolamo on Ema

An interview with director Pablo Larraín and star Mariana Di Girolamo about their new film, Ema.

Chaz's Journal

Say Amen, Somebody Receives 4K Restoration in Theaters

An article about the 4K restoration of George T. Nierenberg's "Say Amen, Somebody" currently receiving a limited theatrical release.

Balder and Dash

Bright Wall/Dark Room September 2019: Blind Date by Veronica Fitzpatrick

An essay on the Elaine May film A New Leaf, as excerpted from the latest issue of Bright Wall/Dark Room.

Balder and Dash

The Golden Cage Loses Its Shine: A Personal Reflection on Gregory Nava's El Norte

As a boy in Mexico City whose parents struggled to get by, the United States carried such magical connotation in my imagination.

Festivals & Awards

Jojo Rabbit Wins Audience Award and Taika Waititi Wins Ebert Director Award at TIFF

An article about "Jojo Rabbit" winning the TIFF Grolsch People's Choice Award and its director Taika Waititi wins the Ebert Director Award at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.