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Lean on Pete

I marveled at the humanist depth of the world Haigh creates, one that can only be rendered by a truly great writer and director, working…

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This 2018 release feels like it arrived fresh from 1974, and that is what makes it a delight.

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Ballad of Narayama

"The Ballad of Narayama" is a Japanese film of great beauty and elegant artifice, telling a story of startling cruelty. What a space it opens…

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- Matt Fagerholm
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Tomb Raider
- Matt Zoller Seitz
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Love, Simon
- Sheila O'Malley
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7 Days in Entebbe
- Christy Lemire
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Journey's End
- Godfrey Cheshire
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- Susan Wloszczyna
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- Godfrey Cheshire
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- Glenn Kenny
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Demon House
- Nick Allen
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Dear Dictator
- Simon Abrams
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6 Balloons
- Brian Tallerico
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- Brian Tallerico


Homepage three queens of ebertfest

Festivals & Awards

Three Queens of Cinema to Grace Ebertfest 2018

A partial preview of films and guests scheduled for Ebertfest 2018.

Homepage sxsw 2018 thing

Festivals & Awards

SXSW Film Festival 2018: Table of Contents

A table of contents for all of our coverage of the 2018 SXSW Film Festival.

Homepage fridays child

Festivals & Awards

SXSW Film Festival 2018: “Friday’s Child,” “Sadie,” “Prospect,” “Write When You Get Work”

A report on four more films from SXSW, including a breakout starring Tye Sheridan and Imogen Poots.

Homepage wwc 2018 2


Netflix Docuseries "Wild Wild Country" is Fascinating Entertainment

Netflix's "Wild Wild Country" is easily one of the craziest documentaries I’ve ever seen.

Homepage muppet guys talking header


The Love We Found: Frank Oz and Victoria Labalme on “Muppet Guys Talking”

An interview with Frank Oz and Victoria Labalme, director and executive producer of "Muppet Guys Talking."

Homepage death stalin 2018


Back in the USSR: Armando Iannucci on "The Death of Stalin"

Director and co-writer Armando Iannucci talks about his savagely funny political comedy, "The Death of Stalin."

Homepage allure press2


An Addictive Quality: Evan Rachel Wood and Julia Sarah Stone on “Allure”

An interview with Evan Rachel Wood and Julia Sarah Stone, the stars of Carlos and Jason Sanchez's "Allure."

Homepage limey 2018

Balder and Dash

Bright Wall/Dark Room March 2018: "Soderbergh's Limey's" by George Hardy

An excerpt from the latest issue of the online magazine, Bright Wall/Dark Room.

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A brief note on depression

It's not uncommon to feel blue.

Homepage support the girls

Festivals & Awards

SXSW Film Festival 2018: “Support the Girls,” “Family,” “All Square”

A report on three more movies from SXSW, including the latest from Andrew Bujalski.

Homepage ready player one

Festivals & Awards

SXSW Film Festival 2018: “Ready Player One”

A review of Steven Spielberg's "Ready Player One" from the SXSW Film Festival.

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NBC's "Rise" Has Its Heart in the Right Place

A review of the new NBC series, "Rise," which premieres Tuesday night at 10/9c.