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Day4Empathy 2020: Roger’s Reviews on What We’re Watching During the Pandemic

Every year on the anniversary of his passing, we give back to Roger Ebert, posting 13 of his reviews on the front page. This year feels a little different for reasons we don’t have to tell you. In light of everything that’s happening in the world, we thought we’d take a slightly different approach and highlight the reviews of Roger’s of films people are talking about during COVID-19. So you’ll find his takes on “Outbreak” and “Contagion” back on the front page today and tomorrow, along with a selection of reviews from our feature on “What to Watch During a Quarantine” and Collin Souter’s excellent piece on “Joe Versus the Volcano.” We’ve also included some of our favorite reviews of Roger’s that explicitly discuss empathy, something we all need now more than ever.

Reviews returning to the front page today, all by Roger:

"The Blues Brothers"
"War and Peace"
"Local Hero"
"Joe Versus the Volcano"
"Dawn of the Dead"
"Blazing Saddles"
"The Shawshank Redemption"
"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles"
"Lost in Translation"
"The Spectacular Now"

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