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#145 December 5, 2012

Marie writes: Intrepid club member Sandy Kahn has found another Hollywood auction and it's packed with stuff! From early publicity stills (some nudes) to famous movie props, costumes, signed scripts, storyboards, posters and memorabilia...

Far Flungers

Suicide by way of homicide

Rian Johnson's hyperviolent "Looper" (2102) is the smartest movie I have seen in a long time. It has that fearless edge of an independent film, throwing out all the stops. Its masterful plot carefully hides its foreshadows as elements of its constructed universe. It is a science fiction movie with rudiments of mystery, thriller, horror, comedy and even eschatology. So many characters, young and old, were loaded with charisma, sometimes unexpectedly. My fellow critic Nick Allen was correct when he told me not to watch any trailers (too late) and not to let anyone tell me about this movie. Because of its hyperkinetic, volatile unpredictability, I cannot help but to call this movie "crazy." After watching it, you might have to go look at snails for a few hours to calm down. More than that, this movie is clearly one of the best of the year.

Ebert Club

#63 May 18, 2011

Marie writes: you've all heard of Banksy. But do you know about JR...?(click to enlarge image)

Far Flungers

The crushing suspense of "Das Boot"

Wolfgang Peterson's "Das Boot" is a tense psychological drama with a powerful anti-war message and enough nerve-wracking suspense to make your heart pound against your chest like depth charges rupturing a submarine's hull. But before I get into why "Das Boot" is possibly the most authentic war film ever made, I'll try to clarify which version to go for as each is almost completely different from the other.

May contain spoilers


Fortune Smiles on Eastwood as He Heads into 'Line of Fire'

AUSTIN, Texas Now that the dust has settled after the early summer blockbusters - after Stallone, Spielberg and Schwarzenegger - Clint Eastwood is poised for his run at the box office. "In the Line of Fire," his new suspense thriller (opening Friday), is his first film since "Unforgiven," which brought him long-overdue Oscars.