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Patricia Rozema’s Mouthpiece Streaming for Free This Week

Back in May 2019, Sheila O’Malley described Patricia Rozema’s “Mouthpiece” as “a deeply moving piece of work.” The wonderful people at Seventh Row are offering a unique opportunity for people to see the film this week. More on that below, but first more of O’Malley’s opinion of the film:

“"Mouthpiece" is the kind of movie-going experience I love. I felt a similar way about Celia Rowlson-Hall's "Ma" from 2016, which I also reviewed. "Mouthpiece" so clearly comes from a very authentic place. These two actresses/writers wanted to create a piece about their experiences, right now, in today's world. They have put their whole lives into "Mouthpiece," everything they know, everything they don't know, everything they're attempting to understand. I appreciate so much those who grapple with things, those who aren't certain 100% of the time. Needing characters—particularly female characters—to be strong all the time is just as limiting as any other kind of stereotype. Being vulnerable is not being weak. Not knowing what to do is not being weak. It's being human. In an increasingly corporatized world, where franchises suck up all the oxygen, where small personal films can barely get made anymore, "Mouthpiece" vibrates with the urgency behind its shared expression. Nostbakken and Sadava had something to say, and found a unique way to say it. The existence of a film like "Mouthpiece" is a small triumph for art.”

From the press release about this week’s event:

Exciting news: for a limited time only, Seventh Row have been granted exclusive screening rights to Patricia Rozema’s “Mouthpiece.” The film website and publishing house has partnered with First Generation films to bring you an exclusive screening of Rozema’s Canadian modern classic. You can sign up to attend the screening here.

The screening dates are as follows:

Public stream: October 1st - 4th

Exclusive stream for Seventh Row members: September 28th - October 28th

The film will be available to watch for free on Seventh Row during the public stream for everyone outside of Canada.

Seventh Row has passionately supported Mouthpiece since it’s TIFF ‘18 world premiere. Last year, they named it the best film of the year and the third best film of the decade. They feel passionately that as many people as possible see this wonderful film, so it will be made freely available to Seventh Row readers across the world — and if you’re a Seventh Row Book Club member, you’ll have a whole month to watch the film.

Becoming a Seventh Row Book Club member is only $8.33 a month (paid upfront, annually), and will grant you exclusive access to Mouthpiece, as well as access to Seventh Row’s library of ebooks, which provide an accessible critical lens on modern classics like "Call Me by Your Name" and "Portrait of a Lady on Fire".

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