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Cannes 2023 Video #10: Chaz Ebert Interviews Jeffrey Wright, DePaul University/CHA Youth Resident Filmmakers and More

I am pleased to present the tenth and final video in our Cannes 2023 series. Here you will find an edited interview with iconic actor Jeffrey Wright, who was in Cannes with Wes Anderson’s latest film, “Asteroid City,” which I conducted at the Roger Ebert Conference Center in the American Pavilion. 

Ben Kenigsberg, Jason Gorber, Lisa Nesselson and Isaac Feldberg in our seventh video dispatch from Cannes 2023.

We also caught up with Ebertfest Director Dr. Nate Kohn and Dr. Eric Pierson, who spoke about what their students can gain by attending the Cannes Film Festival. We have interviews with the delightful Nia Lambert, a Spelman student who is creating her own path in filmmaking.  

Unique Moore, Isis Gullette and Christal Westmoreland. Photo by Jeff Carrion / DePaul University.

And last but not least, we interview three enterprising young filmmakers from the DePaul/CHA Youth Filmmakers programIsis Gullette, Unique Moore and Christal Westmoreland—and follow them onto the red carpet where they were ready for their close-ups. Their gowns were custom made by couture designer, Barbara Bates. 

Nicholas Guest and Chaz Ebert in our ninth video dispatch from Cannes 2023.

I also spoke with "Become a Filmmaker" program director Liliane Calfee and mentor/chaperone Pier Smith. And let’s just enjoy scenes from our previous nine interviews, press conferences and red carpet escapades as we say "Au Revoir" until next year. You can view my full report in the video embedded below...

Thank you to Scott Dummler of Mint Media Works and Bob Long for their expertise.

For all of Chaz's video dispatches from Cannes 2023, as well as our complete coverage of the festival, click here

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